Market Research

Paul Scipione

Lecturer; Senior Research Scholar

School of Business

South Hall 117A
1 College Circle
Geneseo, NY 14454

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Faculty Information


  • B.S., SUNY Geneseo
  • M.S., SUNY Buffalo
  • Ph.D., Rutgers University

Research Interests

Dr. Scipione's research interests are in the area of Market Research.

Publications and Professional Activities

  • Scipione, P. (2013). "The Use of Gravity Models to Simulate Consumer Behavior and Delineate Market Center Radii).” Presentation to Graduate Programs in Geography, Business and Economics, SUNY Buffalo, Buffalo, NY.


  • Advertising Research Association
  • American Association for Public Opinion Research
  • American Marketing Association
  • American Psychological Association
  • Society for Consumer Psychology
My Classes

INTD 105:
Writing Seminar:

    Writing Seminar is a course focusing on a specific topic while emphasizing writing practice and instruction, potentially taught by any member of the College faculty. Because this is primarily a course in writing, reading assignments will be briefer than in traditional topic courses, and students will prove their understanding of the subject matter through writing compositions rather than taking examinations. Required of all freshmen. Prerequisites: Enrollment limited to freshmen.

MGMT 333:
Market Research

    An in-depth study of the fundamentals of marketing research, with emphasis on appropriate methods of survey research. Topics include the role of marketing research in achieving total quality management; principles of research design and exploratory research; survey design and administration; and data analysis techniques. Prerequisites: MGMT 331 and ECON 205. Restricted to School of Business majors and minors. Others may seek permission from the School of Business. Offered every spring