Professional Development Events (PD Events) 2015-2016

Professional Development Events are held to support the continued professional growth of School of business students.  PD Events cover specific topics that relate to young professionals, but are not necessarily topics that are covered in the classroom.  Some examples include networking, resume and cover letter writing, interviewing techniques, interpersonal skills in the workplace, and diversity in the workplace. School of Business students are required to participate in and complete a minimum of twelve (12) professional development events as a graduation requirement.  For more information see the Professional Development Requirement page.


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January 19GOLD-Listening SkillsCU Hunt Room3:00-4:00
January 20GOLD-Listening SkillsCU Hunt Room2:30-3:30
January 21GOLD-Unpacking Study AbroadCU Hunt Room3:00-4:00
January 25GOLD-Listening SkillsCU Hunt Room2:30-3:30
January 25GOLD-Relational Theory of LeadershipCU 322/3232:30-3:30
January 27GOLD-Presentation SkillsNewton 2042:30-3:30
January 27GOLD-Running Effective MeetingsCU Hunt Room2:30-3:30
January 28three+one - it's all about the numbers...+you (Accounting Society)Welles 1237:00-8:00
February 1What is HR? (SHRM)Welles 1402:30-3:30
February 1GOLD-Basics of Money ManagementCU 322/3232:30-3:30
February 2GOLD-Office EtiquetteCU 322/3233:00-4:00
February 2GOLD-The Indirect Leader:How to Boss People Around Without Being BossyCU 3193:00-4:00
February 3Taking OwnershipNewton 2032:30-3:50
February 3GOLD-Assertiveness TrainingCU 3192:30-3:30
February 3GOLD-Discover the Seven Secrets to Schmoozing SuccessCU 322/3232:30-3:30
February 4GOLD-Leadership StylesCU 1143:00-4:00
February 9GOLD-Preparing Your ResumeCU Hunt Room3:00-4:00
February 16GOLD-Etiquette DinnerCU Ballroom6:00-8:00
February 17GOLD-Situational LeadershipCU 3192:30-3:30
February 18GOLD-Presentation SkillsNewton 2033:00-4:00
February 23GOLD-Ethical Dilemmas in Leadership & BusinessCU 1143:00-4:00
February 23GOLD-Writing Cover Letters That Get You the InterviewCU Hunt Room3:00-4:00
February 24GOLD-Creating and Leading Inclusive EnvironmentsCU Hunt Room2:30-3:30
February 24GOLD-Emotional Intelligence & Its Impact on LeadershipCU 322/3232:30-3:30
February 25GOLD-Sexual Harassment:What Leaders Need to KnowCU 1143:00-4:00
February 26GOLD-Using LinkedIn for Your Job/Internship SearchCU 322/3232:30-3:30
February 29GOLD-Building Personal WealthCU Hunt Room2:30-3:30
March 1GOLD-Running Effective MeetingsCU Hunt Room3:00-4:00
March 1GOLD-Write for SuccessCU 322/3233:00-4:00
March 2GOLD-Financing Your LifeCU 322/3232:30-3:30
March 2GOLD-Breaking the Glass CeilingCU 1143:45-4:45
March 2GOLD-Women's Networking DinnerCU Ballroom5:30-7:00
March 7GOLD-Developing Your Supervision SkillsCU 322/3232:30-3:30
March 8GOLD-How to SWOT Your Way to Success!CU 322/3233:00-4:00
March 8GOLD-Leveraging Social Media to Make an ImpactMilne 1043:00-4:00
March 8GOLD-What Do Employers Want?CU Hunt Room3:00-4:00
March 9GOLD-Conflict ResolutionCU 322/3232:30-3:30
March 9GOLD-Finding an InternshipCU 3192:30-3:30
March 10GOLD-Dining Etiquette LuncheonFood Studio North12:30-1:30
March 21GOLD-Interviewing Skills for Jobs & InternshipsCU Hunt Room2:30-3:30
March 21GOLD-Mind Over Mood:Change Your Thoughts to Decrease StressCU 1142:30-3:30
March 22GOLD-Writing Cover Letters That Get You the InterviewCU Hunt Room3:00-4:00
March 23How to Land a Dream Job (SHRM)South 3386:00-7:00
March 23GOLD-Using the Path-Goal Approach to LeadingCU 322/3232:30-3:30
March 24GOLD-Infographics 101Milne 1042:30-3:30
March 28GOLD-Can Social Networking Sites Do It All?CU 322/3232:30-3:30
March 29GOLD-Stress ManagementCU Hunt Room3:00-4:00
April 4GOLD-Group Think:Recognizing and REacting Before It's Too LateCU 1142:30-3:30
April 4GOLD-Presentation Skills IICU 3192:30-3:30
April 6GOLD-Bad vs. Good LeadershipCU 1142:30-3:30
April 6GOLD-Preparing Your ResumeCU Hunt Room2:30-3:30
April 7Selling Yourself: To the Job, on the Job and in Your Community (AKPsi)Newton 2032:30-3:30
April 7GOLD-It's a Two-Way Street:Exploring Leader-Member Exchange TheoryCU 1143:00-4:00
April 8GOLD-Day in the Life--InsuranceCU 1142:30-3:30
April 11GOLD-Who Moved My Cheese?CU 1142:30-3:30
April 12GOLD-Interviewing Skills for Jobs & InternshipsCU Hunt Room3:00-4:00
April 13Preparing for the FutureNewton 2142:30-3:30
April 13GOLD-Investing in the Stock MarketCU Hunt Room2:30-3:30
April 20GOLD-Stress ManagementCU Hunt Room2:30-3:30
April 20Essential Skills for Marketing: Jennifer Hamberger, Freed Maxick - (AKPsi)Newton 2142:30-3:30
April 28Entrepreneurs Today: The Story of Zappos - (AKPsi)Newton 2033:00-4:00
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