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Western New York is more than just a spot on the map between New York City and Toronto. More than 2.8 million people - almost 1% of Americans - live in the 17 counties of WNY. And more than 60,000 businesses and other employers operate here. Our nearly 20,000 square miles contain the famed 11 Finger Lakes, world renowned vineyards and wineries, the incomparable beauty of Niagara Falls and Letchworth State Park, and the simplicity of life in its small towns. But for all its strengths, WNY also suffers from a soft economy, the disappearance of thousands of manufacturing companies, and negative trends in several key economic, demographic and social indicators. So just how healthy is WNY? How can we separate truth from fiction? WNYVS is the answer to dispelling myths and to pinpointing the actual strengths and weaknesses of WNY. Dr. Paul Scipione's WNYVS is a unique book, whose 10,000+ facts and figures, color graphs and statistical maps will help business owners, government officials, the leaders of non-profit groups and individual citizens make informed, smart decisions for the future.


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Dr. Paul Scipione