Geneseo Career Partners

The Geneseo Career Partners database is an online directory of Geneseo alumni who have voluntarily offered to provide career development support to current Geneseo students and fellow alumni.


If you are a Geneseo alumni/a and would like to contact other alumni for career exploration purposes OR would like to offer your assistance to current students as an alumni/a mentor, please register via Knightjobs.


To connect with a Career Partner, login to Knightjobs and click on the Career Partners tab.

Please follow these guidelines when contacting a Geneseo Career Partner:

  1. For sample contact scripts and FAQ's, click on Geneseo Career Partner Tips
  2. Be well prepared for each discussion/informational interview.  If you are meeting a career partner in person, dress professionally.
  3. Follow up each contact with a formal, written thank you
  4. Keep us informed of your experience with the resource