Career Partners Program for Students

The Career Partners Program allows students to connect with Geneseo alumni for networking, career 
information and other career related activities.  Geneseo alumni volunteer their time and information to
help current Geneseo students with their careers.  Before connecting with any Geneseo alumni, be 
sure to review the information contained on this page and in the Geneseo Career Partner Tips.  Connecting
with Geneseo alumni is an important step in expanding your professional network and
career knowledge.   This is a profesional resource; use it carefully and wisely.  

Please follow these guidelines when contacting a Geneseo Career Partner:

  1. For sample contact scripts and FAQ's, click on Geneseo Career Partner Tips.
  2. Be well prepared for each discussion/informational interview.  If you are meeting a
    career partner in person, dress professionally.
  3. Follow up each contact with a formal, written thank you (e-mail is fine).
  4. Ask permission to connect with the Career Partner on LinkedIn. 
  5. Be mindful of the Career Partners' busy schedule.  
  6. Keep us informed of your experience with the resource.

To connect with a Career Partner, login into your Knightjobs and click on the Career Partners tab on the
upper right side.   Questions?  Contact Career Development at 585-245-5721 to schedule an appointment
with one of the career counselors to discuss how you can best use the Career Partners database.