Winter Break Alumni/ae Shadow Program

Information for Alumni/ae Shadow Hosts

Making a career decision can be a daunting task for a student, especially those majoring in liberal arts fields. By allowing a student to shadow (observe) you in your workplace, you can be very helpful in providing "inside" knowledge about your field and the nature of your work. For many students, this will be their first exposure to a professional work environment. You can therefore be instrumental in demonstrating how to conduct oneself professionally.

If you are interesting in participating as an alumni/ae shadow host, please click here to register.

Expectations of Shadow Hosts

The primary expectation of a shadow host is to allow your student to observe you and ask you questions during a “typical” day in your workplace. If you could schedule a particularly interesting task for the day that you will be shadowed, this would enrich the student's overall shadowing experience even more. Students have been told that there may be times when you will be too busy to be attentive to their presence, and to patiently wait until you have finished with the task at hand.