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Welcome to the Department of Career Development's internship page.   Here you will find all of the tools and resources needed to find an internship, secure academic credit, and maximize your learning.   Internships at SUNY Geneseo are credit-bearning, have specific learning objectives and include reflective assignments to help you learn about yourself and the world of work.    Some things to think about before beginning your internship search include:

  • timeframe and semester of the internship (Internships are available every semester and may be full or part-time.)
  • credit options (Credit is available through academic departments or through the Office of the Dean.)
  • living arrangements (Formal programs like the Walt Disney World College Program and The Washington Center offer housing.  Depending on the internship location, you may have to find your own housing.)
  • learning objectives (As part of the registration process, you will be required to complete a learning contract that outlines specific learning objectives.   Now is a good time to start thinking about what you hope to gain from an internship.)
  • transportation (For urban internships, you don't need a car.  For regional internships in Rochester or Buffalo, having access to a reliable vehicle is key.)
  • schedule (For part-time internships, you need to think about your class schedule and other obligations like work and sports. Will your schedule allow the flexibility to intern in Rochester or even Geneseo?   Part-time internships are usually 3 to 6 credits or 120 - 240 hours over the course of the semester.  If you can group your classes with a Tuesday / Thursday schedule, that would leave the rest of the week free to intern.)

 For more information, contact Rob DiCarlo, Associate Director for Internship Opportunities at or 585-245-5721.