Name: Melanie Groszewski

Major(s) : Communication

Minor(s) : Business Studies

Hometown: Rochester, NY

Graduation Date: December 2013

Tell us about your current internship?   Employer, brief summary of duties, major projects.

I interned with Partners + Napier this summer. I was an account executive intern in the shopper marketing department. There was a team of eight interns, each of us were assigned mentors in the various departments we worked for, ranging from project management, creative, interactive designer, and new business. In the shopper marketing department I shadowed my mentor in client calls, assisted with developing timelines and budgets, and was assigned research projects to pull some information about potential retailers that would put our brand on shelves. Aside from my shopper marketing concentration the interns were given a real life client, a lunch café owner who wanted to raise awareness of her catering service. Throughout the summer we researched her competitors and target audience, offered a logo redesign that would communicate her brand more effectively and eventually produced a marketing guidebook advising her how to promote her new brand.

Is this your first internship? 

No this was my fourth. My previous internships were for Congresswoman Kathy Hochul, a wedding and event planner, and the Macvittie College Union Geneseo Late Knight event programming intern.

Motivation.  Why did you decide to do an internship? 

I wanted hands-on agency experience to see if I would like the fast paced environment. Employers look for agency experience when deciding whether to hire college graduates.

How did you find this particular internship?

I think I googled Rochester summer internships.

Recommendations for other students?

I think students need to utilize LinkedIn more to gain more connections and networking experience. Also, encourage informational interviews more. More than likely the professional is willing to meet with you for advice or just let you shadow them for an hour or two to help you decide which career path is right for you.

What did you learn about yourself by doing an internship?

I learned I love working with people to create something from start to finish. It was so interesting to learn from the other interns and my mentors. I want to be in a fast paced environment because I hate being bored and I hate routine.

Did you have an aha moment during your internship?

Maybe during the last week when I did not want the internship to end. I realized I could potentially see myself doing this for the rest of my life.

How did the internship impact your career goals?  Have they changed? 

I think they’ve changed to a more direct passion for client interaction. I’ve always wanted to work in an agency but never knew exactly which position. I definitely want to be an account person.

How has the internship made a difference in your life, personal goals?

I feel more confident in some of my classes, for instance, in my marketing class I am familiar with the terms and process because of my internship experience.

Describe a typical day at  your internship (or the most exciting day)

Arrive at 8:30. Check my emails. Meet with my mentor to discuss tasks for the day. Work on a retailer project, such as looking at their social media platforms, their history, which products they currently sell, their weekly circulars, etc. Have an intern meeting put on by the HR employee. Each week we would learn about a different department in the agency, what they do, how they do it, etc. Examples were, the account team, the production team, copywriters, designers, etc. Break for lunch. Internship meeting to discuss our progress on the café project. As an account person I’d meet with the owner of the café in person to discuss how we are or are not meeting her needs, maybe ask for input on what she’d like her logo to convey. Return back to the agency, report back on what the owner said. Discuss how we should approach the logo redesign. Check in with mentor. Help develop a timeline for a new project her client has asked her to complete. Review with the team to see if this timeline is feasible and realistic. End of day.

Additional comments? 

I loved Partners + Napier. The real world experience they provided was unbelievable. The employees were friendly and as an intern I felt apart of the team. I was always busy and just enjoyed my summer tremendously.