Placement Files

Geneseo's Department of Career Development no longer opens or services placement files.  In June 2012, we entered into an agreement with online credentials provider Interfolio to henceforth service the placement files of then-current Geneseo students.  If you are an alumni/ae and had opened a placement file with our office within the past 20 years, we still have your file, and will take one final action on it for you. However, you must concurrently let us know what you want us to do with your file for the future.   Options include switching to an online placement file provider (Interfolio,, or other); asking that we forward your placement file to another college's career services office (if you subsequently or previously attended any); or, if you did not waive your right to see the contents of your file when it was established, we can return the file to you personally.

If you wish to use Interfolio:

1. Establish an active account with Interfolio ( for a nominal fee per year.

2. Call us at 585-245-5722 and inform us that you have established an account and we will upload the documents on file.