Why Work With Geneseo's Internship Programs? 

SUNY Geneseo's students are the among the best and brightest of any college or university in the country.   With average SAT scores of approximately 1300, our students are motivated academically and professionally.   Many of our employer partners hire Geneseo interns as a way of identifying talented future employees.  Refer to http://www.geneseo.edu/admissions/freshman-profile for more detailed information on our students and to http://www.geneseo.edu/academics for information on our quality academic programs.  Each year, more than 300 students participate in Geneseo's internship programs. 

Getting Started 

We ask each organization to develop an internship description(s) that can be posted in KnightJobs our on-line job posting system. KnightJobs is accessible to all Geneseo undergraduate students and ensures that your organization gets the widest possible exposure to qualified students.  Internship descriptions may be e-mailed to jobs@geneseo.edu or you may create your own KnightJobs' account at https://employer.myinterfase.com/geneseo/employer/ and manage the process yourself.  You may also use KnightJobs to advertise any part and full-time positions.   Once your position has been approved, we will work with you to find qualified applicants.  

Credit Options

Employers often ask if credit should be required for internships.  Requiring credit of your student interns ensures that there is an affiliation with SUNY Geneseo and helps your organization meet the standards of the Fair Labor Standards Act.  Interns under the Fair Labor Standards Act are not eligible for benefits and are treated differently than regular employees.   Our office can advise you on how to create an internship that benefits both your organization and the student while meeting these federal guidelines.  


If your organization is new to internships or you would like to improve your current program, refer to the helpful links below. 

"Starting And Maintaining A Quality Internship Program

"Internship Best Practices for Employers"

"Fair Labor Standards Act"  - Federal guidelines that govern internships

"Framing Internships from an Employers' Perspective"

"What's in a Name?:  A Reference Guide to Work-Education Experiences"

"Students Using Social Media to Find Internships" - USA Today article

Available Services 

The Department of Career Development offers a number of services to help you identify qualified interns and future employees.  Please see http://www.geneseo.edu/career_development/employer_welcome for additional information.  In addition, our office is available to assist you in developing a quality internship program in partnernship with our students and academic departments.  


Note: We will make every effort to find you qualified intern.  However, Career Development cannot guarantee students for any particular semester.