Campus Cash Account

Add even greater flexibility to dining at Geneseo – with the Campus Cash Account.

A Campus Cash Account is an optional, prepaid account that can be used at any on-campus restaurant or café, on-campus vending machine, as well as at several local off-campus businesses. This debit style account provides an easy and secure way to manage your spending money.

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Off-Campus Locations


Big Tree Inn46 Main Street
Village Cafe70 Main Street 
Mama Mia'sDenny's89 Main StreetRt. 20A
University Hots114 Main Street
All Restaurants & CafesThroughout Campus
Campus Vending MachinesThroughout Campus
Barnes & Noble | GeneseoMacVittie College Union
Byrne DairyRt. 20A
Denny'sRt. 20A
Giovanna's Pizza & PastaRt. 20A
SubwayRt. 20A