CAS Catering Grants

We recognize that the student organizations on campus enhance a student's liberal arts education and provide a source of engagement, entertainment, and learning.  In support of this, CAS provides up to $44,000 in catering grants to student organizations and up to $2,000 in catering grants to SUNY Geneseo departments every year.  (Grants to Geneseo departments must clearly benefit SUNY Geneseo students).

 ** All Catering Grant Funds have been depleted for the 2013-2014 academic year!

At this time, we are no longer accepting any more grant applications, but we can still support all of your catering needs - contact Catering Manager Debbie Krueger at 245-5666 or to discuss your upcoming event.

Grant Types:

  • Small Grant - up to $100 (single group event)
  • Large Grant - up to $500 (college wide event)
  • Department Grant - up to $200 (student benefitted event)


  • You must be a SUNY Geneseo recognized Student Organization or Residence Hall Council to apply.  Non-recognized student organizations or outside groups are not eligible to apply.
  • The recognized organization may apply for 2 Small Grants per year (1 per semester) or 1 Small Grant and 1 Large Grant per year (1 per semester). 
  • SUNY Geneseo departments may apply for 1 grant per academic year so long as the event benefits SUNY Geneseo students.
  • Application must be submitted a minimum of 10 business days prior to the event.
  • Cultural Dinner Events have additional qualifications and timelines; the process for Cultural Dinners must be started 6 weeks prior to the event. You can view the timeline and Cultural Dinner contract here.


  • Application includes a written statement that supplies details of the event, how the event benefits your organization and how CAS's assistance will enhance the event.
  • All events must be held on campus and room/area needs to be coordinated through Campus Scheduling and Events (245-5500) prior to grant application submission.
  • All food for events must be ordered from CAS through Impressions Catering.
  • CAS Catering Grant events cannot be held at the Big Tree Inn.

Additional Large Grant Requirements:

  • In the grant application, you must explain how the event is open, beneficial and educaitonal to the college community.
  • The event must be publicized to the entire campus community.  Advertising must consist of at least of posters, Facebook event, and an email through whatsup-l.  Details of the advertising must be included in the grant application.

If Grant is Approved:

  • Food must be ordered a minimum of 7 business days prior to the event and picked up from a CAS Restaurant or Cafe arranged by the Catering Manager.
  • Food may only be ordered from the "Pick Up and Go Menu" for student grants
  • The amount of food provided will be determined by what is deemed appropriate by the CAS Catering Manager or the Culinary Team.
  • CAS must be published as a sponsor of your event.  For large events, CAS must be tagged in the Facebook event (CAS@SUNYGeneseo), whatsup email must be forwarded to after it is sent, and poster with CAS and Impressions's Catering logo must be brought to the catering office in Blake A 203 a minimum of three days prior to the event.


Apply Online Today!

*We cannot accept grant applications for 4/25/14 or 4/26/14


CAS reserves the right to deny applications based on qualifications, requirements, fund depletion or availability.