CAS Student Catering Grants

We recognize that the recognized student organizations on campus enhance a student's liberal arts education and provide a source of engagement, entertainment, and learning.

There are a limited amount of funds available for each semester.  We encourage you to submit your grant application as soon as possible to ensure that your application is able to be considered.

Catering Grant funds have been depleted for the 2015-2016 academic year.  

Congratulations to the student organizations that raised money for their clubs and charity organizations throughout the last academic year.  Due to their efforts and hard work, Geneseo Student Organizations raised over $9,500 for their organizations and over $182,000 in charitable contributions during the 2014-2015 academic year.  CAS is proud to have been able toto be a part of the fndraising efforts by providing catering grants to the student organizaitons for their events.  Overall, CAS awarded $30,000 of grant funds to 91 different student organizations.

Grant Types:

  • Small Grant - up to $100 (single group event)
  • Large Grant - up to $500 (college wide event)
  • Recognized student organizations may be awarded one grant per semester; only one large grant per year.


  • You must be a SUNY Geneseo recognized Student Organization to apply.  Non-recognized student organizations or outside groups are not eligible to apply.
  • Application must be submitted a minimum of 15 business days prior to the event.
  • Cultural Dinner Events are available for organizations that are a member of ACES and have additional qualifications and timelines; the process for ACES Cultural Dinners must be started 6 weeks prior to the event. You can view the timeline and ACES Cultural Dinner by clicking the link on the right side of the page.


  • Application includes a written statement that supplies details of the event, how the event benefits your organization and how CAS's assistance will enhance the event.
  • All events need to be held on campus and room/area needs to be coordinated through Campus Scheduling and Events (245-5500) prior to grant application submission.
  • All food for events is to be ordered from CAS through Impressions Catering.
  • CAS Catering Grant events cannot be held at the Big Tree Inn. 

Additional Large Grant Requirements:

  • In the grant application, you must explain how the event is open, beneficial and educational to the college community.
  • The event must be publicized to the entire campus community.  Advertising must consist of at least posters, Facebook event, and an email through whatsup-l.  Details of the advertising must be included in the grant application.
  • All organization fundraisers or charitable events: the money raised must be reported back to CAS within one week of the event. 

If Grant is Approved:

  • Food needs to be ordered a minimum of 7 business days prior to the event and picked up from a CAS Restaurant or Cafe arranged by the Catering Manager.
  • The amount of food provided will be determined by what is deemed appropriate by the CAS Catering Manager or the Culinary Team.
  • CAS must be published as a sponsor of your event.  For large events, CAS must be tagged in the Facebook event (CAS@SUNYGeneseo), whatsup email must be forwarded to after it is sent, and a poster with CAS and Impressions Catering logo must be emailed to a minimum of three days prior to the event.



Please read and review the student catering contract.


CAS reserves the right to deny applications based on qualifications, requirements, fund depletion or availability.