Juice Bar

A new Juice Bar is being installed in Mary Jemison in Spring 2014.  In a vote put out to the Geneseo campus community, the Juice Bar concept won by a landslide!  We're excited about the healthfulness and freshness of the products that will be offered from this new concept and are currently working on designing the menus, recipes and look and feel of the concept.

Juice Bar Enthusiasts, Unite!

Are you looking forward to the new Juice Bar?  Join one of our upcoming Focus Groups to help guide us as we shape the menu and overall Juice Bar concept.  We'll have samples being juiced fresh for you to be able to try, and the answers and opinions that you give us will have an impact on the direction that the menu and the concept takes.

Click on the links below to register to attend one of the Focus Groups today - space is limited!

FOCUS GROUP 1 - November 6th, 2:00pm, CU 324

FOCUS GROUP 2 - November 15th, 2:30pm, CU 324

FOCUS GROUP 3 - November 19th, 7:00pm, CU 324