Meal Plan Terms & Conditions

  • It is the policy of the State University at Geneseo to require all campus residents to purchase a meal plan each semester.
  • In order for the meal plan to remain tax exempt, the following conditions must be met: the meal plan is non-transferable and is for the individual use of the student to whom it is issued.
  • Food items purchased are for the immediate consumption of the student to whom the plan was issued.
  • Partial refunds are allowed only when a student officially withdraws from school.  Refunds will be prorated.
  • Unused meal plan and flex dollars at the end of each semester cannot be refunded or carried over to the next semester.
  • Food items cannot be removed from the all-you-care-to-eat restaurants.
  • If you lose your ID card, inactivate it immediatley from the online card office.  
  • Lost, stolen or damaged cards can be replaced for a fee at our Business Office in Blake A 108.