A Suggested Timeline for Applying to Graduate School for Fall Admissions

Junior Year

Fall and/or Spring semester - Start your search for schools with a masters program in Speech-Language Pathology/Communication Disorders and Sciences or Audiology. A good place to start is with a list of ASHA accredited programs, which can be found on the ASHA home, page (www.asha.org).

Spring semester - Prepare yourself for what you will need for graduate school applications. Think about which professors might write you a letter of recommendation. Remember to ask your professor in person, NEVER just put your request in a mailbox. If you have completed one or both of your clinicals ask your supervisor(s) to write your letter(s) and have them sent to the Career Office in Blake A. These letters will be held in the office for you as long as you open a career file with them by September. Plan to take the GRE exam this semester either on the computer or paper and pencil. If you take it now you will have enough time to take it again in the fall if you need to.

Summer - Select some schools that you would like to know more about. Now is a good time to write, call, or e-mail the departments for information on their program, the school itself and financial aid. To save yourself another call or letter, ask the college or university to send you an application in addition to the information you've requested.

Senior Year
Fall Semester

September - You have sorted through the information you received from the colleges and universities that you selected over the summer -- now begin selecting the schools you want to apply to, if you haven't already done so. If you haven't requested letters of recommendation from your professors/ supervisors do this as soon as possible!! This is a busy time for professor because they have many letters to write, so do them a favor and give them plenty of time.Provide a package for your professors who are writing letters for you. This package will act as a reference for them. Include in it: 1) a resume, 2) an unofficial transcript, 3) stamped, self addressed envelops, 4) a short note explaining what you would like and your deadline (remember to give ample time!) 5) any other materials you think would be helpful to them in writing an accurate statement of your abilities.October - At this point you know which schools you will be applying to. Check to make sure that you have an application for each school. Look through the application booklet to find out what you need to submit with your application. Some schools want more than 2 letters of reference! Some schools want you to submit official transcripts and others want them mailed directly from the office of the registrar. Each school is different so prepare yourself and get everything you need before you leave for winter break.

November/December - You should have all of your letters of recommendation or you should have some arrangement with your Prof. where they will be sending them to you in time for your application. Order your official transcripts from the registrar's office. Make sure that your GRE exam scores have been sent to the colleges you wish to apply to.

December/January - Depending on the deadlines of your particular school it is a good idea to get your applications out as early as you can. If there is any problem with your application, you will be notified in enough time before decisions are made.

Things to Remember

1. Don't procrastinate. Anything that you can do to start this process early -- do it!

2. Give your professors and supervisors plenty of time to write letters of recommendation for you; not only is it polite, but you don't want them to write up something for you in a hurry. These letters are important, and it is to YOUR benefit to give them ample time to create something that will compliment your application.

3. If you are a transfer student, don't forget that the graduate institution you are applying to needs to have official transcripts of ALL colleges you have attended.

4. Be sure to write thank-you notes to all the professors who wrote letters of recommendation for you.

Good Luck!
Prepared by Kate Ritzel