Office Hours

  • MWF 10-11 pm

  • or by appointment or chance/walk ins.


  • PhD Work: The syntheses, characterization, functionalization and application of various polymeric materials as "biomaterial bridging surfaces" for the repair of spinal cord injuries.

  • Current: The functionalization and use of osteoconductive cements for the repair of critical sized bone defects/fractures.


Barnabas Gikonyo

Director of Introductory Chem Labs


ISC 317B
1 College Circle
Geneseo, NY 14454


Classes Taught

Organic Chemistry I,

Organic Chemistry II,

Chemistry and Society,

General Chemistry II.

Labs Taught

Chem 117: General Chemistry,

Chem 119: General Chemistry,

Chem 125: Quantitative analysis,

Chem 212: Organic Chemistry,

Chem 214: Qualitative Organic Chemistry,

Chem 216: Organic Chemistry.


Fall 2013

Office Hours: Mondays, Wednesday and Fridays 10:00-11:00 am, by chance (walk-ins) or by appointment.

Required Text/Materials for Fall classes.

     Chem 119: General Chemistry Labs

-      Chemistry 119 Laboratory Manual (by Prof. Dave Geiger) from college bookstore,

-      A lab coat (knee long),

-      A bound quad ruled (squared) laboratory notebook- available at various stores,

-       Safety goggles with chemical splash protection (indirectly vented and the goggles touch the face around the perimeter),

-      A small (~ 1 GB) thumb/flash/USB drive for saving/storing data,

-      Personal laptop with Spartan program installed. CIT will help you with this, please see syallabus for details.


CHEM 211- Organic Chemistry I

-Text: Organic Chemistry, Solomon's and Fryhle, 11th Edition (John Wiley and sons Inc.)  ISBN: 9781118767696.

- This is a custom set that includes the textbook, a study guide, a WileyPlus access code and a molecular modeling kit.

- All are required for this course.


Stay happy, you have incredible value- Barnabas Gikonyo.


Faculty Information


  • Ph.D. (Organic and Materials Chemistry), Southern Illinois University Carbondale, Illinois.
  • B.S. Kenyatta University, Nairobi.
Fall 2014 Classes

CHEM 119:
N/Introductory Chemistry Lab

    An introduction to the experimental techniques and methodology used to explore matter and chemical reactivity. Experiments include the synthesis and characterization of a compound, identification of
    unknown substances, an exploration of the gas laws, volumetric and gravimetric analysis, structure and bonding, and acid/base chemistry. Prerequisites: or Co-requisite: CHEM 116 or CHEM 203. Offered every fall and spring
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CHEM 211:
Organic Chemistry I

    An introduction to modern organic chemistry using a functional group approach. Topics include structure/reactivity relationships, reaction mechanisms, stereochemistry, and spectroscopy. Prerequisites
    : CHEM 118 or CHEM 204, CHEM 119. Offered every fall
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