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  • The role of NADPH oxidase induced oxidative stress in inflammatory disease development.
  • The utilization of NMR spectroscopy in undergraduate laboraties to study the stereochemistry of addition reactions.

David Johnson



ISC 326J
1 College Circle
Geneseo, NY 14454

DSC 0008

David Johnson has been a member of the Geneseo faculty since 1991.

Faculty Information


  • Ph.D. (Chemistry) Montana State University
  • BA Hamline University


  • Welch Post Doctoral Fellow, Trinity University, San Antonio, TX
  • Visiting Professor of Chemistry, Carleton College, Northfield, MN

Research Interests

My research is directed at understanding the molecular basis of NADPH oxidase inhibition by apocynin (4-hydroxy-3-methoxyacetophenone). The activated NADPH oxidase complex produces reactive oxygen species which are involved in the early stage development of a series of inflammatory diseases such as atherosclerosis, diabetic retinopathy and asthma. A clearer understanding of this inhibition mechanism may lead to a novel therapy for diseases involving NADPH oxidase induced oxidative stress.

Publications and Professional Activities

  • Houser, K.R., Johnson, D.K. and Ishmael, F.T. "Anti-inflammatory Effects on Methoxyphenolic Compounds on Human Airway Cells" Journal of Inflammation, 2012, 9:6 (
  • Robert W. O'Donnell, David K. Johnson, Linda M. Ziegler Andrew J. DiMattina, Robert I. Stone, James A. Holland, “Endothelial NADPH Oxidase: Mechanism of Activation by Low-Density Lipoprotein” Endothelium, 2003, 10, 291-297.
  • Johnson, D.K.; O’Donnell, R.W.; Schillinger, K.J.; Kwiat, D.K.; Hughes, C.C; McNamara, E.J.; Ishmael, F.; Hogg, M.G., Santhanam, L., Ziegler, L.M.; Chang, M. Dordick, J.S. and Holland, J.A. “Metabolic Activation of an NADPH Oxidase Inhibitor: Apocynin, An o-Methoxy-4-Substituted Catechol” Endothelium, 2002, 9, 191-203.
  • Holland, J.A. and Johnson, D.K., “Use of NADPH Oxidase Inhibitors for the Manufacture of a Medicament for Prevention of Atherosclerosis” European Patent 861070B1, 2000.
  • Holland, J.A.; Gross, R.A.; O’Donnell, R.W.; Chang, M.-M.; Johnson, D.K.; and Zeigler, L.M. “Low-Density Lipoprotein Induced Actin Cytoskeleton Reorganization in Endothelial Cells: Mechanisms of Action” Endothelium, 2001, 8, 117-135.
  • Holland, J.A.; O’Donnell, R.W.; Chang, M.; Johnson, D.K. and Ziegler, L.M. “Endothelial Cell Oxidant Production: Effect of NADPH Oxidase Inhibitors” Endothelium, 2000, 7, 109-119.
  • Holland, J.A. and Johnson, D.K. , “Prevention of Atherosclerosis Using NADPH Oxidase Inhibitors” United States Patent 5902831, 1999.
Fall 2014 Classes

CHEM 211:
Organic Chemistry I

    An introduction to modern organic chemistry using a functional group approach. Topics include structure/reactivity relationships, reaction mechanisms, stereochemistry, and spectroscopy. Prerequisites
    : CHEM 118 or CHEM 204, CHEM 119. Offered every fall
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CHEM 216:
Organic Chemistry Laboratory

    Laboratory practices in representative organic preparations and procedures. Prerequisites: /Corequisite: CHEM 211 or CHEM 223. Offered every fall and spring

CHEM 318:
Advanced Organic Chemistry

    Organic synthesis: Introduction to retrosynthetic analysis including a detailed study of methods of introducing stereo control. Mechanistic organic chemistry: conformational analysis, transition state
    theory, kinetics and reaction mechanism, computer modeling, and other topics of contemporary interest. Prerequisites: CHEM 213 or CHEM 224. Co-requisites: CHEM 324 or CHEM 320 or permission of the instructor. Not offered on a regular basis
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