Computer Requirements for Students

SUNY Geneseo requires incoming freshmen or undergraduate students who expect to graduate with the class of 2011 or later to bring a notebook computer to Geneseo.

Minimum Configurations for Windows and Macintosh Computers

Operating System: Windows 7 Home /  MacOS X 10.7 or higher
* Windows XP computers are not allowed on the campus network


Recommended Configuration for New Purchases

Operating System: Windows 8  / MacOS X 10.9


Students, take care of your technology investments! Be sure to purchase Apple products from Apple Authorized Resellers and seek in-warranty service from Authorized Service Providers. The closest Apple repair location to Geneseo is the Apple Store at Eastview Mall. 

Network: Integrated Ethernet connection and 25 foot ethernet cable for on-campus residents. Wireless network card (802.11 A/B/G/N) for use in academic buildings, the Library, and student gathering areas.

Office Suite: Microsoft Office (available for FREE to Geneseo students from

Antivirus Software (Windows): Microsoft Security Essentials or commercial product


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