Computer Requirements for Students

Computer Requirements for Students

SUNY Geneseo requires students bring a laptop computer to Geneseo.

Minimum Configurations for Windows and Macintosh Computers

Operating System: Windows 7 Home /  MacOS X 10.9 or higher
* Windows XP computers are not allowed on the campus network


Recommended Configuration for New Purchases

Operating System: Windows 8  / MacOS X 10.10


Students, take care of your technology investments! Be sure to purchase Apple products from Apple Authorized Resellers and seek in-warranty service from Authorized Service Providers. The closest Apple repair location to Geneseo is the Apple Store at Eastview Mall. 

Network: Integrated Ethernet connection and 25 foot ethernet cable for on-campus residents. Wireless network card (802.11 A/B/G/N) for use in academic buildings, the Library, and student gathering areas.

Personal Printers: Personal printers must be directly connected to your laptop via USB. Geneseo does not allow or support wifi printers. These printers actively interfere with the campus wireless network, diminishing wireless performance for all users in the immediate area.

Office Suite: Microsoft Office (available for FREE to Geneseo students from

Antivirus Software (Windows): Microsoft Security Essentials or commercial product


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