The local weather service is no longer supported and is being discontinued.

Today's Conditions:

Last Update 11-02-2011 09:44:56 PM
Temp 52.7°F
Rainfall 0"
Rain Rate 0
Humidity 58.6%
Heat Index 52.7°F
Wind Chill 52.7°F
Wind Speed 1.9mph
Wind Dir 53°
Baro Pressure 30.02"
Solar Rad 0 W/Sqm
Dew Point 39.1
Wet Bulb 44.1
Temp Hi 64.1°F
Temp Low 34°F
Wind High 12.4mph
Peak Rain Rate 0
Max Solar Rad 560.1 W/Sqm

Yesterday's Conditions:

Temp Hi 56.1°F
Temp Low 36.4°F
Wind High 11.9mph
Max Solar Rad 553 W/Sqm
Rainfall 0"
Peak Rain Rate 0

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