Geneseo's Internet Connection - An Overview

Geneseo's Internet Connection - An Overview

SUNY Geneseo takes great pride in the management of our campus Internet connection.  This shared resource is critical to every member of the campus community.  To ensure the safest and most reliable service possible, CIT runs four unique systems to manage and control our Internet connection.

Blue Coat Systems Packetshaper

Our packetshapers allow us to ensure that a sufficient percentage of the campus Internet connection is always available for academic endeavors.  We also use the packetshapers to prohibit applications that use an unusually large amount of the campus Internet connection. 

Click here for more details on how Geneseo uses our packetshapers.

Cisco Firewall Services Module

The firewall, new in January, 2009, allows us to control, at a very granular level, the network traffic entering the campus network.  This system, based on the source and destination computers, allows us to protect the campus network from network intruders.

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TippingPoint Intrustion Prevention Systems

Our Intrusion Prevention system scans all inbound and outbound Internet traffic.  Traffic is compared to a database of "network traffic signatures" which are updated weekly.  Any traffic that matches a signature is blocked just outside the border of the campus network.  CIT has some discretion regarding which signatures we activate, but nearly all of them are active because they are almost all signatures of malicious activity.

Click here fore more details on how Geneseo uses our Intrustion Prevention Systems.