SUNY Geneseo Notebook Requirement FAQ

SUNY Geneseo Notebook Requirement - Frequently Asked Questions

Why is there a notebook requirement?

This requirement has several benefits, including:

  • enabling students, faculty, and staff to take advantage of learning opportunities that exist only when every student in a classroom has a laptop
  • establishing a campus culture in which faculty and staff are increasingly willing and able to explore innovative and effective classroom and co-curricular uses of information technology
  • encouraging students to develop essential computer skills


Can I purchase a desktop computer instead?

No. Students must purchase a notebook computer.


Does a Chromebook satisfy the notebook requirement?

No.  Chomebooks and Chrome OS do not satisfy the notebook requirement. Student computers must be able to run a full version of Mac OS or Microsoft Windows in order to meet the variety of software needs they will encounter.  Other operating systems such as Chrome OS are insufficient to satisfy the laptop requirement.


Can I bring an Apple notebook to campus?

Yes. The Geneseo network fully supports both Apple and Windows operating systems. Students may also wish to check with the department of their major for additional recommendations.


Can I buy a notebook computer from any manufacturer?

Yes. Most companies offer a college student discount as well. Be sure to purchase a notebook that meets or exceeds the recommended requirements.


Will I use the notebook in my classes?

Frequency of notebook use in class will vary. Some faculty may require you to bring the notebook to class, while others will incorporate it less often. You will find that the notebook computer is an essential tool outside of class: check course web sites, correspond with classmates and professors, and conduct Internet and library research.


Is there financial assistance for purchasing a notebook computer?

Financially disadvantaged students can apply for consideration for a notebook loan from the college. Students eligible for a Pell Grant with a FAFSA Expected Family Contribution (EFC) of $0 can apply for the notebook loan. The application is available and due July 27.