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Student Access Printers

Printer Queue name

AlleganyLabHP LaserJet P2055dnRes Hall
Bailey205HP LaserJet 4100dn Geography Department Lab
Bailey205colorHP Color LaserJet 5550dn  Geography Department Lab
BlakeC206HP LaserJet 2200   Aop/Eop Student Access Printer
Brodie202HP LaserJet 4200SOTA Classroom
Brodie202ColorHP Color LaserJet CP2025dnSOTA Classroom
Brodie223ColorHP Color LaserJet 5500dnSOTA Classroom
Brodie239HP LaserJet P4515dtnSOTA Classroom
Brodie239ColorXerox Phaser 7500DTSOTA Classroom
ErieC106HP LaserJet P2055dn          Res Hall
Erwin102HP LaserJet 1320     Office of the Registrar
GeneseeC106HP LaserJet P2055dn Res Hall
ISC100HP LaserJet P2055dn    CIT Student Access Printer
ISC104HP LaserJet 4350dn         CIT Student Access Printer
ISC106Dell Laser Printer 1720dn   Biology Teaching Lab
ISC142HP LaserJet 4000 Series   xBiology Learning Center  No Duplex
ISC200HP LaserJet P2055dnCIT Student Access Printer
ISC202Dell Laser Printer 1720dn        Biology Teaching Lab
ISC300HP LaserJet P2055dnCIT Student Access Printer
ISC300ColorHP Color LaserJet CP2025dn     CIT Student Access Printer
ISC302Dell Laser Printer 1720dn     Biology Teaching Lab  
ISC304Dell Laser Printer 1720dn    Biology Teaching Lab
ISC306Dell Laser Printer 1720dnBiology Teaching Lab
Jones249  now located in 129HP LaserJet P2055dn   Res Hall
Letchworth                  gPrintToshiba eStudioLetchworth
Livingston122HP LaserJet 4100DNRes Hall
Milne104HP LaserJet P3005      Milne Library
MilneLowerHP LaserJet P4515x                Milne Library
MilneLowerColorHP Color LaserJet CP2025dn               Milne Library
MilneMainHP LaserJet 4350      Milne Printer Pool 
MilneMainColorHP Color LaserJet CP2025dn         Milne Library
MilneMainLabHP LaserJet 9040dnMilne Printer Pool
MilneMainLabColorHP Color LaserJet CP4525        Milne Library
Monroe129HP LaserJet 4100DN          Res Hall
Nassau230HP LaserJet P2015dnRes Hall
Niagara218HP LaserJet P2055dnRes Hall
Onondaga203HP LaserJet P3015dnRes Hall
OntarioC106HP LaserJet P2055dnRes Hall
Putnam5HP LaserJet 4100dnRes Hall
Seneca300HP LaserJet 4100dnRes Hall
South138HP LaserJet P4515dtn       School of Business
South225                  gPrintToshiba eStudio eStudio 3540CCIT Public Lab
South225Color        gPrintToshiba eStudio eStudio 3540CCIT Public Lab
South329HP LaserJet 4350dn CIT Public Lab
South332HP LaserJet 2300dn     Math Learning Center
South336HP LaserJet 4050      Math  classroom No Duplex
South341AHP LaserJet 4350dtnComputer Science
Steuben221HP LaerJet P2055dnRes Hall
Suffolk230 HP LaserJet P3015dn           Res Hall
Union112HP LaserJet P4515dnUnion CoPA
Union112colorHP Color LaserJet CP4525Union CoPA
Union130HP LaserJet P2015dnUnion Mosaic 130
Wayne225HP LaserJet P2055dn Res Hall
WyomingLabHP LaserJet P2055dnRes Hall
  Union110color    Toshiba eStudio 3540c Mailroom Lobby Area
  gPrint / Copy / FaxFaculty  + Staff  +  Students