Reporting a Telephone Service Problem

There are a variety ways in which to report a telephone problem:

CIT HelpDesk (Mon-Thurs 8 am - 9 pm, Fri 8 am - 4 pm)
Call (585) 245-5588

Or report a computer (faculty/staff only), telephone, classroom, or lab problem through our online ticketing system (login with your Geneseo username and password):

Please include the following information when a service repair is requested:

  • Contact name for service request
  • Building name and Office room number
  • Telephone number associated with service problem
  • Description of service problem
  • Authorization from occupant for the technician to enter the Office unaccompanied or date and time when he/she will be available
  • Only campus supplied equipment will be serviced
  • There is no charge for telephone service repair


How to handle harassing or unsolicited telemarketing calls:

  • Avoid saying anything and calmly hang up.  Don't discuss the call with anyone, as harassing callers are usually an acquaintance.
  • Record the time, date and phone number if caller ID is available on your phone, as this will assist University Police in tracing the call.
  • Never provide credit card information, social security numbers, passwords or other sensitive information over the phone.
  • If calls continue, contact University Police at ext. 5651. University Police is responsible for investigating all telephone calls that are made with the intent to annoy, harass, threaten, alarm or engage in fraudulent acitivity.
  • Register your campus office or residence hall room phone number on the national Do Not Call registry to stop unwanted telemarketing calls