TSP Responsibilities

What TSPs Will Support

TSPs will...

  • ...support functionality of core applications
    • Windows XP (SP 2) & above
    • Macintosh OS X 10.4 & above
    • Adobe Acrobat Reader
    • Symantec Antivirus
    • Microsoft Office (versions 2003 & above)
    • Internet Explorer / Firefox
    • Eudora / Thunderbird
    • SSH clients
    • CRT / Better Telnet
    • WS FTP / Fetch
    • Oracle calendar software
  • ...set up new machines and transfer work-related files
  • ...set up peripherals purchased by the College
  • ...set up network printers
  • ...perform repair triage
  • ...install software with applicable license
  • ...install Symantec AntiVirus on campus machines
  • ...maintain and install computing labs on campus
  • ...install software in campus computing labs with 2 weeks notice and applicable license
  • ...notify departments when lab software changes
  • ...assist with technology request preparation
  • ...initiate the process for additional network drops
  • ...keep http://software.geneseo.edu updated
  • ...provide training on core applications
  • ...provide telephone support to the campus from the CIT HelpDesk during College business hours
  • ...supervise student assistants for 10 hours per week
  • ...backup each other in the event of absences
  • ...work Monday - Friday 8:00 am - 4:15 pm and take 45 minutes for lunch

What TSPs Will Not Support

TSPs will not...

  • ...install or support illegal software and unpaid shareware
  • ...provide application use or training support for non-core applications
  • ...copy software
  • ...support recreational software
  • ...install or support multi-booting operating systems
  • ...support, repair or install software on home computers
  • ...notify of or automatically install new versions of browsers, email clients, or utilities
  • ...create PowerPoint presentations
  • ...create web pages
  • ...create posters
  • ...backup desktop files
  • ...provide power strips or peripheral cables (USB, firewire, or parallel)
  • ...provide paper or printer cartridges
  • ...change toner
  • ...cover the cost of out-of-warranty repairs for departmental equipment
  • ...put in work order requests for power
  • ...move furniture or relocate the computer on your desk
  • ...clean computer equipment (mice, keyboards, etc.)
  • ...send back equipment purchased by the department
  • ...take phone calls at home

TSP Priorities

TSP Prorities, in order, include:

  1. Teaching Spaces
  2. Computer Labs
  3. Faculty & Staff Desktops
  4. Research Computers
  5. Small Group Training
  6. Emeriti of the College

More Help

For questions about TSP responsibilities or other computer related problems, contact the CIT HelpDesk. Stop by South Hall 225A, visit our web site, email helpdesk@geneseo.edu or call (585) 245-5588.