Video Recording

Geneseo Recordings & Post Production

**CIT reserves the right to reject requests.  Priority is first come, first serve.**

In general, CIT provides video/audio recording of approved special events, instructional events, and commencement. 

See pricing list for detailed costs.

What we do:

  • Commencement

  • Guest Speaker Campus Lectures

  • Instructional Videos (e.g., lab tutorials)

  • Campus Special Events

  • Classroom Academic Requests

  • Assist students/classes with video projects

 What we don’t do:

  • Events for off-campus organizations not directly sponsored by SUNY Geneseo

  • Student organization events -- they are welcome to sign out equipment from the library for their events.  Student organizations may be able to get assistance from SA Tech.

  • Sound and lighting for musical and theatrical performances

In most cases, events not covered by CIT support, can be handled by borrowing equipment from the library. 

CIT is willing to assist in showing individuals how they can edit and publish their own video from an event.

If you would like your event recorded, please follow these steps:




Video Recording Event

$20 per event that is less than or equal to hour.  $6.50 per half hour for events > 1 hour (cost includes setup/tear down time)

DVD of event “as is” from recording

$15 (includes recording, burning DVD, and jewel case). 
Each additional copy of the DVD is $5.

Deluxe DVD

$30 (includes importing, post production, title, chapter, jewel case with cover created for event, DVD with Geneseo image on it).  Each additional copy of the DVD is $5.  This includes free archive copy to be given to the Library and free QuickTime video if desired.

QuickTime Video for Web


$20 (with no order for DVDs).  Your video is guaranteed to be available for one year.  Free with a purchase of a Deluxe DVD or purchase of at least five regular DVDs.

Audio Recording Only

$50/event (we create an MP3)


 To view a selection of SUNY Geneseo videos, check out: