Professional Organizations

There are a multitude of professional organizations and societies associated with the communication field, and many of them are available for students to join. Below are some of the organizations available for Geneseo communication students, listed alphabetically.

Broadcast Education Association

The Broadcast Education Association is an international organization focusing in electronic media. The organization provides a forum for scholarly research in all aspects of electronic media, including but not limited to regulation, management, social effects, and production. Members tend to be professors, industry professionals, and graduate students interested in teaching or researching electronic media and multimedia enterprises. Student memberships are $55 for both undergraduate and graduate students; anyone who becomes a member after January 1, when memberships renew, will receive back-issues of any missed publications.

Eastern Communication Association (ECA)

The Eastern Communication Association is a professional organization of scholars, teachers, and students in the Communication field. The oldest professional communication association in the country, the organization has a history of achievement in research, criticism, communication theory, and excellence in teaching. Several Geneseo students have presented research at ECA conferences. The annual student membership fee is $15; to subscribe to ECA journals is an additional $25 yearly.

Public Relations Society of America, Rochester Chapter

The Rochester Chapter of the Public Relations Society of America hopes to unify, strengthen, and advance public relations in order to help build value, demand, and global understanding for the field. Since 1947, the Public Relations Society of America has worked to provide members with educational and professional opportunities in the area of public relations both on local and national levels. Membership dues differ depending upon one's level of experience in public relations.

Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA)

A part of the Public Relations Society of America, the Public Relations Student Society of America aims to advance the next generation of public relations and communication professionals. The PRSSA offers both educational and professional opportunities for members, such as internship and scholarship opportunities as well as leadership opportunities that enable students to begin professionally networking. Geneseo does not currently have a PRSSA chapter. Affiliate membership dues are $82 per year.

Rochester Advertising Federation

A part of the national American Advertising Federation, the Rochester Advertising Federation aims to support, unite, and inspire aspiring communication professionals in all areas of marketing life. The Federation offers events, programs, and networking opportunities year-round and membership also includes benefits from the American Advertising Federation. Student memberships cost $25 per year.

Rochester AudioVisual Association (RAVA)

The Rochester AudioVisual Association is an organization involved in media production, support, research, and instruction. Members contribute to a variety of fields, including animation, audio, film, lighting, photography, and more. Founded in 1956 by two Kodak employees, RAVA is dedicated to creative innovation and has raised over $50,000 to contribute to the education of students. The annual membership fee is $35 with a 50% discount for college students.

Society of Broadcast Engineers (SBE)

The Society of Broadcast Engineers is dedicated to advancing all levels and types of broadcast engineering. The only organization of its type, it includes more than five thousand members and provides opportunities to validate skills with profession certification. SBE also offers education opportunities to maintain and expand known skills. Student memberships are $25 per year, and there is a chapter of this organization located in Rochester (Chapter 57).

Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE)

The Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers is a worldwide leader in developing motion-imaging standards and education for numerous industries, including communication, technology, media, and entertainment. Founded in 1916, SMPTE has developed more than 650 standards, practices, and guidelines for motion-image engineering. The organization has more than six thousand members internationally. Student memberships cost $35 per year and includes possibilities for scholarships.

Society of Professional Journalists (SPJ)

The Society of Professional Journalists is a national organization promoting excellence in journalism and professional development. SPJ works to ensure freedom of information, and encourages journalists to expand their source base in order to reflect the community. Career and networking opportunities are available at local, regional, and national levels. College student memberships are $37.50 per year, with special rates for freshmen and sophomores.

Student Press Law Center (SPLC)

The Student Press Law Center is the nation's only legal assistance agency that exclusively works with high school and college journalists to educate them in rights and responsibilities found in the First Amendment and to support student news media. Free legal advice and information, as well as educational materials, are available for student journalists. Members also have access to a network of lawyers who will provide free legal representation to local students if necessary. Student memberships are $15 annually.

Toastmasters International

Toastmasters International is an organization that has focused on professional communication and leadership development since 1924. Members can focus on improving their public speaking and leadership skills through peer-led workshops, ultimately becoming more effective communicators. There is a $20 new membership fee, and dues for the club are $36 every six months (dues may vary). The Geneseo chapter meets on Wednesdays at 7:00 PM in South 140; if that room is unavailable, they meet in South 138.

Writers Guild of America, East (WGAE)

The Writers Guild of America, East is a labor union of professionals contributing to television and film in the U.S. as well as original digital media content. The Guild unites to promote, protect, and maintain artistic and professional principles; it is a democracy, and members each have a vote for the union's direction. To become a member, one must be hired to write by an employer with a WGA contract. Freelance writers may also be covered.