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ISC 321
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Fall 2014 Classes

CHEM 119:
N/Introductory Chemistry Lab

    An introduction to the experimental techniques and methodology used to explore matter and chemical reactivity. Experiments include the synthesis and characterization of a compound, identification of
    unknown substances, an exploration of the gas laws, volumetric and gravimetric analysis, structure and bonding, and acid/base chemistry. Prerequisites: or Co-requisite: CHEM 116 or CHEM 203. Offered every fall and spring
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CHEM 320:
Physical Chemistry I

    An introduction to the principles of chemical thermodynamics and the application of these principles to ideal and non-ideal chemical systems. Topics include the properties of gases and gas mixtures, t
    hermochemistry, the laws of thermodynamics, entropy and free energy functions, chemical and phase equilibria, properties of solutions of nonelectrolytes and electrolytes, and electrochemistry. Computer software and/or programming will be used in this course. Prerequisites: CHEM 213, MATH 222, (PHYS 125 or PHYS 115) and (PHYS 126 or PHYS 116) or permission of the instructor. Offered every fall
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CHEM 342:
Modern Analytical Chem Lab

    A course to familiarize students with the practice of modern analytical chemistry. Particular emphasis is given experiments using instrumental methods for quantitative analysis. Experiments will inc
    lude calibration methods, error analysis, and applications of electroanalytical chemistry, optical and mass spectroscopy, and separation methods. Prerequisites/Corequisite: CHEM 340. Offered every fall.
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