The Robert & Patricia Fennell Geneseo Crew Leadership Award (established in May 1999)
The Robert and Patricia Fennell Crew Leadership Award is awarded every year to one outstanding member of the Geneseo crew team.  This member must possess and demonstrate strong leadership skills to his fellow teammates, members of the community and the greater college community.  The recipient must have continuously worked for and towards the advancement of the crew team.  The recipient must exemplify excellent sportsmanship and constantly conduct himself or her herself in a most admirable manner.  The recipient must possess good communication skills to spread the word of the crew team amongst community supporters as well as college personnel and staff.
All graduating seniors and members of the Executive Board are eligible.  This award is presented each May during the Crew Recognition Day festivities.  A plaque accompanies the monetary check for $100.  The recipient's name is engraved on a plaque which is hung in the crew boathouse.  The voting is done in the spring semester by the crew team membership by a secret ballot.  The ballots are counted by a college staff person.  The name remains secret until Crew Recognition Day when it is announced ceremoniously!  Mrs. Fennell enjoys presenting the plaque each year.
The honored recipients as listed on the plaque...
1999 - Martin Glieco
2000 - Annie Gallic
2001 - Simon McCaffery
2002 - Sarah Dragosits
2003 - Brian Arslanian
2004 - Christopher Philp
2005 - Peter Anderson
2006 - Betsy Wilcox
2007 - Jaimee Peckman
2008 - Caitlin Domagal
2009 - Caitlin Domagal
2011 - Maggie Boquard
2013 - Rachel O'Neill (Team Negotiator)
2013 - Paige LaBarr (Team Communicator)
The Molly McKeown Crew Alumni Community Service Award (established in 2009)
Purpose: To recognize and honor a Geneseo Crew Alum who has made a difference by volunteering past, present, and into the future by giving of themselves to crew after college or by carrying in the community of community service.
Committee: Patty Fennell (chair), Art Hatton, John Wolf, Annie Gallic Tiede
Finalized by Molly McKeown
The honoree will receive a personalized award and $50 to the cause or charity of the honoree's choice.
Recommendation forms will be available on the crew page in the fall.
The presentation takes place at the Crew Team Annual Fundraising Dinner, and the alum recipient delivers an address.
Eligibility: all alumni from 1990 to present - can be a self-nomination!
The Molly McKeown Crew Alumni Community Service Award recipients...
2009 - Annie Gallic '00 donated to Hospice Care
2010 - Emily Pranis '99 donated to Naiades Oncology Rowing (women's rowing team for cancer survivors)
2011 - Ani Hoy '04 donated to Muscular Dystrophy Association
2012 - Mieko Ozeki '01 donated to UVM Environmental Leadership Program
Nominations will be accepted from Friday, September 20th through Friday October 18th and will be presented at the Fundraiser Dinner November 16th.
The Patricia Malet Fennell '65 Scholarship (established in 2005-2006)
This award was established to coincide with the celebration of her 40th class reunion from Geneseo.  Patty Fennell wanted to give back to Geneseo and she decided a scholarship was a wonderful way to do so.  She shared great fondness for the School of Education and the crew team.  Thus the scholarship is designated to go to an applying member of the crew team who is a student in the School of Education.  If no applications come from members of the crew team, then the scholarship is awarded to an outstanding education major.  The applications are reviewed by the college scholarship committee under the supervision of Suzy Boor.
The first recipient was Gillian Roman for the school year 2006-2007.  Traditionally, the scholarship recipient was announced and acknowledged ceremoniously each spring at Crew Recognition Day at Long Point Park.   It has been a celebrated moment of joy to bestow the award on a crew team member.
Patty Fennell has been on hand for each presentation.
Gillian Kay Roman - crew team member
     Graduation Date: 2007
     Received 1 year
Kristen Michelle Klein - crew team member
     Graduation Date: 2010
     Received 3 years
Maggie Ann Boquard - crew team member
     Graduation Date: 2012
     Received 2 years
Thomas (Tommy) Keegan - crew team member
     Graduation Date: 2013
     Received 1 year
Honored Crew Team Advocates
Over the years from 1990 onward, the crew honored people from the community who made a difference.  These people were were recognized for their individual contributions to the crew team.  The gave of themselves via time, effort, financial aid, dedicated support, guidance, and constant service.  These people through their contributions made a difference as far as survival and existence.  Honored supporters and crew team community heroes were recognized early on at the crew dinner.  In later years, they were recognized at the Crew Recognition Day.
Crew Team Community Support Honorees...
John Hoey, Founding Father
Walter Kingston, Town Supporter
Robert McClellan, Town and Lake Supporter
Patty Fennell, "Godmother" and Public Relations Person
Molly McKeown, Generous Supporter
Adrian "Bud" Prince, Photographer and Pictorial Historian
"Hop" Manapol, Town Supporter
Dr. Robert Bonfiglio, Vice President for Student and Campus Life 
Assemblyman Dan Burling, Generous Supporter
Bill Matthews, Team Photographer
Gary and Toni Moore, Loyal Supporters
Proud Donors to "The Patty Fennell" - The First "Alum" Fundraiser
As presented at Crew Recognition Day on April 27, 2008
Alums Friends & Community Supporters
Pete Anderson '05 Dr. & Mrs. William Anderson
Alfonso & Alicia Burgos '95 Hon. & Mrs. Dan Burling
Jennifer Burningham '06 Steven & Gail Burr
Brian Burr '95 Clayton Cloen
Lisa Cloen '02 J. Peter & Patricia Gregoire
Jennifer Coviello '99 Art & Pam Hatton
John & Ann Crandall '95 Helge & Leslie Heen
Karen McDonnell '92 Dr. John Hoey
Kelly Dixon '96 Bruce Jordan
Andrea Esch '02 Jordan Krik & Charles Strickland
*Annie Gallic '00 Mr. & Mrs. H. David Long
*Peter Grace '99 Long Agency
Ruey Hwu '00 Molly McKeown
Anne Johns '01 Mr. & Mrs. Mark Peckham
Peter Kreinheder '92 Parents & Team Members
Sarah Lane '99
Danielle Langton '97
Andrew Lipp & Kathryn Fairbanks '04
Anthony & Sarah Miller '94
Mieko Ozeki '01
Jaimee Peckham '07
Chris & Lizzie Philp '04
Emily Pranis '99
*Gillian Roman '07 *Spearheaded Fundraiser
John & Tracy Roger '95
Kerri Roger '01
Emily Schug '05
Timothy Siciliano '98
Christopher Skrapits '95
Matthew & Alison Sokol '95
Katherine Somerville '01
Jennifer Vallary '95
Kristen Vento '92
Karen Wolf '95
Seats in "the Patty"
Purchased seats
In honor of... Gifted by...
John Hoey Peter Kreschaler '92
Karen McDonnell '92
Kristen Vento '92
Assemblyman Dan Burling  Dan Burling
Art Hatton Art Hatton
Dave and Jo Long Dave Long and Andy Long
As a crew team, we are very grateful for the support from community members, college members, and Conesus Lake residents.  Thank you for everything you do!