Course Preference Descriptions Fall 2012

Natural Science

Students are required to take 2 N/ lab courses from different departments

Astr. 100 N/Introduction to Astronomy
Biol. 100 N/Contemporary Biology
Biol. 116 N/General Biology 
Chem. 103 N/Chemistry and Society
Chem. 116 N/Chemistry I
Geog. 110 N/Physical Geography
GSci. 100 N/Our Geological Environment
GSci. 105 N/Environmental Science
GSci. 107N/Geology - ClimateChg&Enrgy
GSci. 111 N/Geological Science I
Phys. 101 N/Science of Sound
Phys. 113 N/General Physics I
Phys. 123 N/Analytical Physics I

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Social Science

Students are required to take 2 S/ courses from different departments

Anth. 100 S/Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
Anth. 101 S/Exploration of Human Diversity
Anth. 105 S/Introduction to Physical Anthropology
Anth. 120 S/Language and Culture
Anth. 216 S/M/Nat Voice: African Diaspora
Anth. 229 S/Ethnography and Film
Anth. 231 S/Sociolinguistics
Anth. 235 S/Ancient Civilization in the Americas
Comn. 103 S/Introduction to Interpersonal Communication
Comn. 160 S/Introduction to Mass Communication
Envr. 124 S/Environmental Issues
Geog. 102 S/Human Geography
Geog. 123 S/The Developing World
Hist. 112 S/World History I
Hist. 150 S/History of U.S. I
Hist. 151S/History of U.S. II
Hist. 155 S/Politics and Power in the U.S.
Hist. 163 S/U/African Am History to 1877
Hist. 204S/U/United States Since 1945
Hist. 250 S/Work and Workers in Modern America
Hist. 258S/U/Amer Presidency: A Survey
Hist. 266 S/U/Civil Rights Movemnt in Am
Hist. 270 S/Latin America to 1825
PlSc. 110 S/American Politics
PlSc. 120 S/Comparative Politics
PlSc. 140 S/International Politics
PlSc. 228 S/Developing World Politics
PlSc. 246 S/U.S. Foreign Policy
Psyc. 215 S/Child Development
Psyc. 216 S/Adolescent Development
Socl. 100 S/Introduction to Sociology
Socl. 102 S/Introduction to Social Problems and Public Policy
Socl. 105 S/Sociology of the Third World
Socl. 230 S/Race and Ethnicity
Socl. 241 S/The Individual and Society

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Fine Arts

Studio courses in bold.

ARTH 171 F/History of Western Art, Prehistoric through Gothic
ARTH 173 F/History of Western Art: Neoclassicism to Contemporary
ARTH 180 F/Non-Western Art: Africa, Oceania, the Americas, & Asia
ARTH 203F/Renaissance Eur:ClassiclCult
ARTH 284F/M/Asian Art: SpiritualTradtns
ARTS 100 F/Two-Dimensional Design
ARTS 101 F/Three-Dimensional Design
ARTS 200 F/Computer Art I
ARTS 205 F/Calligraphy
ARTS 210 F/Drawing I
ARTS 225 F/Watercolor
ARTS 235 F/Digital Photography I
DANC 100 F/Introduction to Dance
ENGL 285 F/Film Classics
MUSC 100 F/Understanding Music
MUSC 110 F/Basic Musicianship
MUSC 120 F/Introduction to Music History
MUSC 123 F/Music of the World's Peoples
MUSC 226 F/Music in Western Civilization to 1750
THEA 100 F/Introduction to Theater
THEA 130 F/Introduction to Technical Theater
THEA 140 F/Play Analysis for the Theater
THEA 202 F/History of Theater to the 17th Century
THEA 204 F/Asian Theater Survey

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Non-Western Traditions

Students are required to take 1 M/ course

Anth. 100 M/Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
Anth. 101 M/Exploration of Human Diversity
Anth. 202 M/Traditional Systems of Healing
Anth. 209 M/Ethnography of the Iroquois
Anth. 216S/M/Nat Voice: African Diaspora
Anth. 229 M/Ethnography and Film
Anth. 235 M/Ancient Civilization in the Americas
Anth. 260 M/Myths and Folktales of American Indians
ArtH. 180 M/Intro to the Art of Africa, Oceania, the Americas, and Asia
ArtH. 284F/M/Asian Art: Spiritual Traditions
Fren. 326M/Early Non-Eur FrancophoneCiv
Geog. 123 M/The Developing World
Geog. 362M/Latin America
Geog. 365M/The Geography of Islam
Hist. 261 M/Native American History
Hist. 270 M/History of Latin America to 1825
Hist. 281M/Trad East Asian Hist to 1840
Hist. 362M/Hist-Iroquois:Pre-Cont-Pres
Musc. 123 M/Music of the World's Peoples
Phil. 202 M/World Religions and Contemporary Issues
Phil. 215 M/Eastern Philosophy
PlSc. 202 M/World Religions and Contemporary Issues
PlSc. 228 M/Developing World Politics
Socl. 105 M/Introduction to Sociology of the Third World
Span. 326M/Latin-American Civilizations
Thea. 204 M/Asian Theatre Survey

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Numeric/Symbolic Reasoning

Some couress require a NYS Course III Regents score of 85 or better

CSci 114 R/Survey of Computer Science
CSci 115R/Digital Future,Human Future
CSci 119 R/Object Oriented Programming
CSci 120 R/Procedural Programming
Math 141 R/Mathematical Concepts for Elementary Education II
Math 160 R/Elements of Chance
Math 213 R/Applied Calculus I
Math 221 R/Calculus I
Math 237 R/Intro to Discrete Mathematics
Math 242 R/Elements of Probability
Math 262 R/Applied Statistics
Phil 111 R/Introduction to Logic
PlSc 251 R/Modern Political Analysis
Psyc 250 R/Introduction to Behavioral Statistics
Socl 211 R/Statistics for Social Research

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U.S. Histories

Some courses require a NYS History Regents score of 85 or better.

Amst. 201U/Top-AmSt:Civil War & Memory
Hist. 150 U/U.S. History I
Hist. 151S/U/History of United States II
Hist. 155 U/Politics and Power in U.S. History
Hist. 163S/U/African Am History to 1877
Hist. 204 S/U/United States Since 1945
Hist. 250 U/Work and Workers in Modern America
Hist. 258S/U/Amer Presidency:A Survey
Hist. 261 U/Native American History
Hist. 266S/U/Civil Rights Movemnt in Am
Intd. 203 U/Social Foundations of American Education
PlSc. 110 U/American Politics
PlSc. 211
U/Pol Parties &Interest Groups
Socl. 220 U/Inequality, Class, and Poverty
Socl. 230 U/Race and Ethnicity

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