Proposal Forms

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Curriculum Revision and Policy Change Procedure

Academic Departments recommend course and/or program revisions and policy changes to the College Senate. Proposals are first sent to the Office of the Dean of the College for an administrative review of costs, staffing and congruence with current programs and for the impact of policy changes. Following administrative review, the proposals are sent to the appropriate College Senate subcommittee (the Undergraduate Curriculum Committee for undergraduate proposals, the Graduate Curriculum Committee for graduate proposals and the Policy Committee for college-wide policy changes). Upon subcommittee approval, the proposals are forwarded to the full College Senate for separate readings: first reading and vote and second reading and final vote. Accepted changes are then forwarded to the President of the College for final approval and implementation.


Click on the appropriate link below to download proposal form for email submission to the College Senate subcommittee . The forms include instructions for completion and submission.

Please note: Only academic departments and standing committees charged with reviewing curriculum may submit proposals directly to the College Senate subcommittees.  All others must consult with the Dean's office before submitting proposals.

  • Curriculum Proposal (Word document) for courses and programs.  
  • General Education Course Proposal (Word documentis required for new and revised Gen Ed courses.

College Senators: To read completed course and program proposals under consideration by UCC or Senate, go to the Senators page (login required).