Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the Office of Disability Services on Campus?
22 Erwin Hall

How is it staffed? Full-time? Part-time? Are there evening hours?
We have 1 Director and 1 clerical staff. There are no evening hours.

What kind of services are available through the Office of Disability Services?
Information about disabilities. Decisions on classroom accommodations and accommodations for activities and programs. Resources for transition and  advisement.

Are students with disabilities treated differently for admissions?
Admission to SUNY Geneseo is based on the requirements outlined in the College Bulletin. Admissions decisions are made without regard to disability status. All prospective students are expected to present academic credentials at or above the minimum standards for admissions as established annually by the Admissions Committee. Any student eligible to take a nonstandard SAT/ACT may submit those scores. Such scores will be accepted as valid and equivalent alternatives. All applicants to the College are reviewed according to the same procedures for admission regardless of disabilities. Any applicant with a disability who needs information about SUNY Geneseo's admissions process, an application for admissions, or any other information in an alternative format should contact the Office of Disability Services at (585) 245-5112 or TTY NYS relay service (800) 421-1220. Concerns about procedures used during the admissions process should be directed to the College's EOE/AA Officer at (585) 245-5616.

How are services obtained?
The student is required to provide appropriate documentation. Student and Director meet to discuss the documentation and determine accommodations. Contact ODS if you need further information.

What paperwork or proof is required to prove a disability and to whom should it be given? Who has access to this paperwork?
Documentation guidelines are available from the ODS.Documentation should be sent directly to the ODS, not to the health center or admissions! Do not include documentation with your application! Only the staff of the ODS has access to the paperwork. This does not become part of your permanent school record and is housed solely within the ODS.

How are faculty told about accommodations?
The Office of Disability Services (ODS) prepares a letter outlining the approved accommodations. The student delivers the letter to the professor and makes an appointment to meet with the professor to discuss the accommodations.

Are services limited to students with disabilities or for all students?
That depends on the service. There is a Writing Center and a Math Center that are open to all students. Tutoring is available in some departments, but we do not provide tutoring specifically for students with disabilities through ODS. Students should consult in the department about what is offered. The Office of Disability Services provides academic support and advising only for students with disabilities.

Is there help available for choosing courses and making your schedule?
Yes, there is help in selecting courses. You will be advised by a faculty member during summer orientation, and will be assigned an advisor soon after the beginning of the semester. The Director of the ODS, in conjunction with the rest of the staff of the Office of the Dean, is always available to help with any special concerns students with disabilities have about courses or scheduling.

Is there an Orientation for new students with disabilities?
There is no separate orientation for students with disabilities, although the director is available before, during and after Orientation to meet individually with students.

Is there a summer preparation program?

Who supervises accommodated tests? ODS? Faculty members? Testing Center?
Test Center web page Tests may be proctored through the Geneseo Test Center.  Students with disabilities will be given information regarding the Test Center when they meet with the director.

Is there a disabled student club on campus?
There is no disabled student club on campus, but we would welcome a student who would like to organize such a club.

Who is the College's 504 Coordinator? What is the grievance (appeals) process?
SUNY Geneseo's 504 Coordinator: Contact Human Resources (245-5616). A copy of the appeals process can be found in the Student Handbook that you will be given during Orientation. Copies are also available from the ODS, or on their website at

Is tutoring available? Who tutors? Is there a charge for tutoring?
We have a Writing Center and a Math Center that offer some tutoring. There is also some tutoring available through individual departments. Some is free, but most upper level courses only have tutors for hire. All tutors are peer tutors. We do not provide professional tutors. (In very limited special cases, tutoring may be paid for for Foreign Language classes.)

How are note takers and readers made available, selected and arranged?
The professors make an anonymous announcement in class for volunteers to copy their notes for other students. (We also recommend that students tape record their classes.) The ODS will arrange for readers when necessary for tests. We will also assist the student in obtaining e-text copies of texts.

Are sign language interpreters available? How are they arranged?
The college will provide sign language interpreters for classes and activities.

Is there a TDD/TTY available on campus?
Not at this time. Please use the NYS Relay.

Who arranges for tape recording of classes?
Students may tape classes if it is an approved accommodation. If not, please ask the professor for permission.

How accessible are the classrooms, labs, buildings, etc?
SUNY Geneseo is a very accessible campus as far as the buildings, classrooms etc. We have recently undergone an extensive evaluation for accessibility and have a five-year plan to address any existing problems. Obviously, the terrain can be challenging, and for that we do recommend that students who use wheelchairs should have power chairs.

What is the college policy for waiving graduation requirements or arranging substitute courses?
Upon careful review of the college's mission and stated goals, it is the policy of Geneseo not to either waive or substitute any graduation requirements. This includes Foreign Language. Please speak with the Director of the ODS for advice concerning students with language disabilities.

What adaptive equipment is available for student use?
We have a accessible computer station in the library for students with disabilities. It includes magnification software, a screen reader, an adjustable table, a large track ball, Dragon Naturally Speaking, etc.

How does one make special room arrangements for resident students?
Special room arrangements are handled by the Director of Housing in partnership with the ODS. If a special room is required, the student must request this through Housing and present documentation to the ODS. A determination will be made by the Director of ODS, and she will notify Housing of the decision. Special housing is extremely limited. (Please read the Housing Policy link)

Are there physically accessible residence halls including toilet and bathing facilities?
Yes, we have a number of accessible rooms.

Are buildings equipped with auditory/visual fire alarms?

Are personal attendants available on campus? How do I arrange for personal attendants?
SUNY Geneseo does not provide personal attendants. That is the responsibility of the student and his/her family. The Director of ODS is happy to speak with families about contacting local agencies for help in making arrangements.

Where is the parking for those with disability permits?

Handicapped Parking
Is there personal counseling available?
Counseling Services