For additional help as you use KnightWeb, please consult the KnightWeb Help page.

1. Login to using your email address and password.

2. Click on the KnightWeb link.

3. Follow Student and Financial Aid Menu > Registration > Check Your Registration Status (select upcoming term and press Select a Term) to verify your registration time and that your status permits registration. If your status prohibits registration, go to the Records Office, Erwin 102 for information on your degree and program. Notify the Dean's Office (Erwin 106) if this information is incorrect.

4. If there are no holds and your status permits registration, press the Menu button at the top of the screen. If a hold exists, press Menu > View Holds to determine which office you need to contact to clear the hold.

5. Press Add/Drop Classes. Enter the CRN (Course Registration Number) for your course selections in the Add Classes area.

6. For online search of available courses, press Look up Classes.

7. Press Submit Changes to process your registration. KnightWeb will display the courses for which you have successfully registered and any errors that prevented registration. Rectify your registration errors.

8. To print your schedule once you have finished registration, press Menu > Week at a Glance or Student Detail Schedule. Choose Print from your browser.

9. Carefully check your registration. Verify all courses, sections, days, and times. You are responsible for the accuracy of your registration.

10. Use the Exit button to exit KnightWeb. Close your browser to secure your records.