Undergraduate Students - How To Register

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KNIGhtweb registration

Your access to on line registration depends upon the total of your completed credit hours as of December 2015. Log on to KnightWeb to learn the day and time at which you can begin registration.  If a hold has been placed on your registration because of outstanding financial or other obligations to the College, you will not be able to register until the hold is cleared. You can view holds on the Student Records Menu. You can pay outstanding financial obligations on KnightWeb by credit card. Registration holds are updated every weekday between 6:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m.

You will receive a copy of the above instructions at your Geneseo email address. If you have any questions, call the Registrar's Office at 585-245-5566 or come to Erwin 102.

Academic Advisement: March 3 - April 15

From March 3-April 15, your academic advisor will be available, by appointment, to discuss your schedule.  Some students are required to consult with their academic advisors and secure approval for course selections before they are allowed to register for courses. First-year students (students within the first 24 credits at Geneseo), first-semester transfer students, students on probation, and students whose grade point averages fall below 2.3 are required to obtain approval from their advisors for registration. Other students have the option of self-advising, but the College strongly recommends that all students meet with their academic advisors each semester.  If advisement is required for you, you must make an appointment with your academic advisor to discuss scheduling recommendations and to obtain clearance.  Even if advisement is not required for you, you are strongly encouraged to consult your advisor about your schedule.  Students who self-advise assume full responsibility for their schedule of classes and progress toward completion of degree requirements.

Mail-In Registration

Absentee registrations will be accepted only from current (Spring 2016) student teachers, students on full-time internships, and students on leave of absence returning in the Fall. Students in these categories who register by mail must enclose the Registration Form in an envelope addressed to Spring Registration, Registrar’s Office, Erwin 102, SUNY Geneseo, 1 College Circle, Geneseo, NY 14454.


The recommended academic load for students in their first semester is a maximum of four courses, not including labs, studio and other 1- and 2- credit courses.  Students will be allowed to register for a maximum of 17 credits before the first day of classes of the semester. This limit is raised to 19 credits during the first week of classes (or the Drop/Add period). Students with overall GPA of 3.00 or higher and a record of prior semesters with at least 15 earned credits may request special permission from the Dean of Curriculum and Academic Services to enroll in more than 19 credits for the semester.  Students in student teaching or SUNY Study Abroad Programs in Fall 2016 must register and pay tuition and fees at SUNY Geneseo. Students in non-SUNY programs for Fall 2016 should complete Leave of Absence forms in Erwin 221.

Permission Slips and Overloads

Permission slips for any courses requiring permits or signed overload slips for closed courses must be processed in the Registrar’s Office (Erwin 102). The Registrar’s Office will enter permission on the student record and then the student can process the addition on KnightWeb.

Registration for New Freshmen and Transfer Students Entering in FALL 2016

New students will receive, by mail, information about advisement and registration from the Office of the Dean of the College and the Orientation Office.  Visit website: orientation.geneseo.edu for more information.

Registration in AUGUST 2016

Students who do not register during the advance period should register during the Open Registration period, beginning May 16-June 8 and beginning August 10th.  Late registrations will be accepted from August 30th - September 2nd in the Registrar’s Office.  Beginning August 30th a late registration fee of $40.00 will be assessed.

Attendance Policies for beginning of Semester

All students are expected to attend each meeting in the course in which they are registered from the first scheduled class meeting; the only exceptions to the foregoing are students who add the course later in the Drop/Add period or who have made prior arrangements with the instructor.  Students who know in advance that they will be out of class during the first  day of class should, as a first step, notify the Office of the Dean of Students (College Union 354, 245-5706), who will notify the faculty.  With the exception of religious observances, the instructor determines whether an absence is excusable.  Therefore, students should make every effort to communicate directly and promptly with their respective instructors if they are absent.

"No Shows"

Students who do not officially drop or withdraw from courses and do not attend class are still officially registered for their courses, may be obligated to pay outstanding tuition and fees, and may be subject to a failing grade.

Open Registration

The Drop/Add period runs from August 29th to September 2nd and students will be able to add and drop using KnightWeb. Students wishing to remove themselves from courses after 11:59 pm on September 2nd  but prior to the withdrawal deadlines will receive a grade of W.


Many courses carry prerequisites which are published in course descriptions of the Undergraduate Bulletin for 100, 200, 300, and 400 level courses and the Graduate Guide for 500 and 600 level courses (Prerequisites for experimental courses are published under course descriptions.) In most cases, KnightWeb will refuse registration if prerequisites have not been met.

Students are responsible for knowing and fulfilling all prerequisites before registration. A student who enrolls in a course without completing all prerequisites or receiving permission from the instructor to waive prerequisites maybe subject to removal from the course.

Directed Study Registration Process

Courses in which a student works under the guidance and supervision of a member of the faculty on a one-to-one basis (e.g., PSYC 391, ENGL 399) are not listed. Arrangements for these should be made by the student with the appropriate department and individual faculty member.  Deadline for submission is Friday, September 9th.

Internships - Application, Approval, and Registration Procedures

Students seeking an internship should contact their Department Chair or the Internship Coordinator in (Erwin 116). Students must satisfy minimum academic standards established by the College and specific academic requirements for the individual Internship. Applications are to be submitted (with an unofficial copy of the transcript if required by the Department) by deadlines specified by the department or program coordinator. Completed contracts for approved internships are to be submitted no later than Friday, September 9th. Students enrolled in Internships must restrict their semester course load to a maximum of 16 semester hours unless special permission is granted by the Dean of the College. For information on internship opportunities and procedures, contact the Office of the Dean, Erwin 106 or Career Development, Erwin 116.

Cross-Registration With Rochester Area Colleges

Full-time students at the College (i.e. those registered for at least 12 credit hours at Geneseo) may cross-register for additional course work at several colleges and universities in the surrounding area without paying additional tuition. Students may cross-register only when a course is never offered at Geneseo. Registration forms for cross-registration are available in Erwin 102. Students from other colleges and universities in the Rochester area who are cross-registering at SUNY Geneseo must follow the registration procedures for non-matriculated students.

Undergraduate Enrollment In Graduate Courses

Students with strong academics may apply to enroll in a 500-level graduate course provided that half of the credit requirements of the degree program and two-thirds of the course and credit requirements of the academic major have been completed. Contact the Graduate Office in Erwin 106 for more information.

Degree Evaluation Check for Graduating Seniors

If this is your last registration before graduation or student teaching, this is also your last chance to make certain that you have completed your graduation requirements. You can avoid the cost, aggravation, and time of having to make up overlooked requirements by taking a few minutes to review what you have completed and what you have left to do, and check over the most common mistakes made by graduating seniors.  Please contact your Advisor for questions regarding your degree requirements.