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The SUNY Geneseo Transfer Course Equivalency databank has been designed to show you how credit from other colleges will transfer to Geneseo. Course equivalencies are subject to review and change by department. You will be held accountable to all academic policies in effect at the time of transfer. Whether you are thinking about applying, have already been accepted, or are a current Geneseo student thinking about taking summer or winter courses elsewhere, this databank will make the transfer process easier for you.


1)  Submit to the Dean's Office a course approval form before taking a course elsewhere.

a) If the course is for general education or elective credit, use FORM A and submit it directly to the Dean's Office (Erwin 106). 

b) If the course is within your major, minor or concentration, use FORM B.  You need to get the signature of the chair of the major, minor or concentration department.  Be advised that the department determines what is transfer equivalent and how many transfer credits can be accepted towards the major, minor, and/or concentration.

2)  Check the Course Equivalency databank for basic information about course transferability.

Click Here to view the Course Transfer Equivalency Data Bank.

3)  Make sure that you are eligible to transfer coursework to Geneseo:

a) Verify that you have not reached the maximum limit of transferable credits.  You may transfer a maximum of 90 semester hours (with no more than 60 semester hours from a 2-year college).

b) Verify that you are not repeating a course. Only credits transfer, not grades.  Be aware of how many credits transfer in (ex: A college on a tri-semester systerm - a 4 credit course transfers in as 2.66 credits.)

c) You must achieve a grade of C- or better to transfer coursework to Geneseo.  We will not accept credit for courses graded on a Pass/Fail or Satisfactory/Unsatisfactor basis at the other school.

d) You must have an overall gpa at Geneseo of at least 2.00 in order to transfer credit.


Courses are accepted for transfer credit provided that a grade of C- or higher was achieved and the individual course is parallel to a course offered at SUNY Geneseo.   

A maximum of 90 semester hours (only 60 of which can be from a 2-year institution) may be applied toward the baccalaureate degree requirements.

An estimate of the total number of credits accepted for transfer will be made during the admissions process. When the student registers for the first time, he or she will be provided with an evaluation of course credits and degree progress. This evaluation is subject to final approval and modification following the initial advisement and registration session. This session occurs during Transfer Orientation.   All transfer students are strongly urged to attend Transfer Orientation.

The prospective transfer student should examine closely those sections of the Undergraduate Bulletin which deal with major and minor requirements, General Education requirements, and the writing requirement.




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