Diversity in Academic Affairs: Teaching, Learning, and Research Students in a classroom

Diversity forms the center of some of the most exciting teaching and learning experiences in the Geneseo academic program

Curriculum and Research. Students take classes and perform research with Geneseo's nationally-recognized scholars in such fields as African-American literature and culture, Women's studies, sociology of gender, Latin American Studies, Native American history, Asian Art, and ancient civilizations of Mexico and Central America to name only a few.

International Programs. Each year more than two hundred Geneseo students enrich their education with study abroad experiences in programs ranging from full semester studies at the University of the West Indes to English-teaching instructorships at Shanghai Teachers University in the People's Republic of China. Geneseo faculty also participate directly in international programs by leading overseas study programs, conducting research abroad with students, and engaging in exchange visits with universities around the world.

Diversity and Teaching. Geneseo students and faculty explore one of the newest, groundbreaking fields in diversity studies: the relationship between diversity and the art of teaching. Geneseo's Xerox Center for Multicultural Education and the Teaching Learning Center provide faculty and students with professional development and cutting-edge support for new research and learning in this critical area of study for all educators.

Cross-Campus Collaborations. The Division of Academic Affairs works closely with Student and Campus Life, Admissions, and other areas to strengthen diversity programming and build a truly diverse campus community.

Diversity Curriculum Links

Asian/Asian American Studies
Courses that fulfill the Multicultural General Education Requirement (Non-Western traditions) Click on Non-Western Traditions to view courses.
Women's Studies