It is the responsibility of each user of SUNY Geneseo to abide by all Federal and State laws as well as SUNY Geneseo's Acceptable Use Policy.


It is the expectation that clients of the DML will show common courtesy and basic human respect to other users of the lab facility:

This, in part, consists of limiting use of the DML equipment to projects as they pertain to the advancement of class, community and SA recognized group projects or other projects that advance the well being of the campus community. Users with digital media productions have priority use of DML computers and equipment.

It is expected that all DML clients will be respectful of student and professional staff assisting them.


Treating the lab equipment with respect will also assure that everyone has a chance to be productive and creative:

Food and drink should be kept away from all equipment in the lab

Software should not be down loaded or altered on any lab computer

Problems with equipment should be immediatedly brought to the attention of a lab assistant, the CIT Help Desk or via the Online Service Desk