The Digital Media Lab educates, facilitates, and assists with the following services:

Creation, manipulation, and publication of audio and visual media

The DML staff will assist with the use of digital audio and video cameras. The Lab is also equipped with editing software that allows the manipulation of digital media. Some users may find the breadth of possibilities overwhelming, but rest assured our skilled staff will assist in any way possible. Check here for DML staff hours.

    Poster/Graphic Design

    As of January 2013 poster printing services have moved to the Duplicating Center that has professional staff dedicated to the printing/duplicating work. The Duplicating Center does provide some graphic design services and SA Graphics (Kristen Fuest) also accepts graphics work requests.

    Video and Audio Editing

    Equipped with a variety of tools ranging from simplistic to professional the DML is ready to help you import, trim, or sweeten your video and audio clips. Need some ideas or advice on how to get started, come by and see us!

    Screencasting/Screen recording

    Using Quicktime and Camtasia, you can easily create effective tutorials or helpful videos by capturing what's on your computer screen. Add titles or voiceovers and you've got a professional Screencast with minimal effort.

    Electronic Presentations

    Let the DML staff help you make your electronic presentations stand out from the crowd. We'll teach you new techniques and give you all the info you'll need to create lively and engaging presentations that will really stand out.

      Scanning and Printing

      Our document and large-format scanner is available to import and work with just about any print media you may have.


        If you need specialized assistance or would simply like to discuss the capabilities of the lab feel free to set up a personal consultation with our experienced staff. We will discuss best practices, give pointers, and steer you in the right direction. Schedule a consultation with DML Staff, here.

        Live Recording Studio

        Need to make a live recording? Reserve the the Digital Media Recording Studio Milne 210. The room is available on a reservation only basis and is lined with sound absorption material.  Inside you will find a: Mac Pro, webcam and Yeti microphone to make your recordings using Camtasia, GarageBand, iMovie and Audacity.

        Reservations are required for Milne 210 Digital Media Recording Lab and are made via Virtual EMS, the College's online booking tool.

        Instructions on how to make your reservation are here. An email will be sent to you once your reservation has been made.