Drupal Basics


Logging into Drupal

Click the LOGIN link at the bottom of a Drupal page you have permission to edit (usually this will be any page in your site/department). Alternatively, you can go directly to http://www.geneseo.edu/user/login. This link will redirect you to a login page. Login to Drupal using your Geneseo ID and password.





Administrative Navigation Menu

The administrative navigation menu is found on the left side of the screen after logging in. Note: This menu does not appear on the homepage. If you are logged in and on the homepage, navigate to any other page and the menu will be visible.



       Navigation Menu: Edit the menu associated with your site(s)

       Site Contents: View all pages created for your site(s)

       Site Images: View all images uploaded to your site(s)

       Web File Manager: View & Upload files to your site(s)

       Update Site Info: Update the contact information and name of your site(s)

       Create Content: Create content and layout pages for your site(s)









Top View/Edit Menu

When logged in, if a user has permission to edit a page he or she will see a menu bar across the top of the page content . Clicking the ‘View’ and ‘Edit’ tabs toggles between the view and edit modes of the page.