Guidelines for Departmental Directory Pages

Departmental directory screenshotOne of the goals of's redesign is to implement standardized departmental directory pages across the college. Below are guidelines for formatting these pages.

An example of this layout can be found at:


Navigation Bar

This page should be linked from the left navigation bar and be the last item in the menu. The link should be typed as one of the following:

[The Department] Staff

[The Department] Faculty & Staff

Contact Us


Photo Sizes

Photos should measure 109 pixels wide by 140 pixels high (109x140). If you need a headshot for your site, please schedule an appointment with Brian Bennett (; x5516).



Choose "paragraph" from the "format" drop down menu; it will automatically provide you the correct font and styling.  


Alphabetical Listing

Faculty and Staff should be listed in alphabetical order, with the head or chair of the department listed at the top of the page.



The following information should be provided in this order:
Name (in bold)
Office location
Phone number, with "Phone:" before the full number (Phone: 585-245-xxxx)
Fax, with "Fax:" before the full number
Email address, with "Email:" before the full email address (e.g., Email: To avoid automated spamming, please do not hyperlink the email address.


Additional information

Where applicable, add the following information below the email address:

"View my personal page" hyperlinked to a page containing work-related information (vitae, research projects, course information, etc.)
Academic degrees, in descending order.



Please contact Laura Kenyon ( if you have any layout or styling questions.