Department Homepage Guidelines

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Titles and Introductions

Departments should have a title (Your department's name) and a short - between 45 and 60 words - paragraph welcoming and orienting visitors to your department and its site. Use Heading 1 for your title and p-16-grey for your welcome text.  The last sentence of your copy should aim to be flush with the bottom of your photo/slideshow (see example, right).

Left Navigation Bar

The easiest way of sorting content in your navigation bar is to do so alphabetically. In some cases, however, it makes sense to organize the listing differently - there may be content users need easy and obvious access to. Use your best judgment in organizing your links and feel free to contact Laura Kenyon ( with questions.

Due to space restrictions, please use an ampersand (&) instead of "and" in your navigation bar titles.


Top & Bottom Links

The top link in your left navigation bar should always read "[The Department Title] Home" and link to your homepage. This will allow users to easily navigate back to your homepage no matter where they are on your site.

The bottom link in your left navigation bar should read "[The Department] Staff" or "[The Department] Faculty & Staff".


Connect w/Geneseo

You may choose to have a Connect w/Geneseo box implemented on your site. This box defaults to Geneseo's Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube accounts; however, they may be customized to your department's social media outlets. If you'd like to implement Connect w/ Geneseo, please contact CIT.



Aligned right, next to your welcome text, should be a photo (or, if you so choose, a rotating slideshow). This photo must have a width of 350 pixels and a height of 285 pixels (350x285).



If you have any questions about page styling, please contact Kristy Barkan at .