Links and Anchors


Inserting a Link

First type out the name of the link - It is best to use a meaningful name, rather than 'Click me' or 'Click here'

Then higlight the name of your link, and then click on the 'Insert/edit link' button  Insert

In the popup window that comes up, put in the full url for your link. Use 'http://www..' and do not use 'https://' See this page for more information.



Click 'Insert' to finish


Unlink your link

To get rid of the link you have on your page, highlight the link and click on the  'Unlink' button.


 Inserting Anchors

First click where you would like the anchor to be placed on your page.  Then click 'Insert/edit anchor' to put an anchor at this position.

In the window that pops up, type in the name of your anchor.AnchorName
Now you will need a link on your page which will direct to the anchor you just added.  Type the name you would like for the link and click on 'Insert/edit link'Goback

In the window that pops up, instead of putting a link in the 'Link URL' box, click on the drop down list under 'Anchors' and you will see the name you gave for your anchor that you inserted.


Click on this name and then click 'Insert'