Adding a Menu Item: Recommended 


You can assign a page (i.e. content node) to a menu when creating a new page or editing an existing page.  Locate and click the 'Menu Settings' link (near the top of the page when editing the page).


title menu


After clicking the 'menu settings', go to the 'Menu link title' and name the new content as it will appear on the menu. 

If you would like this content  to be a submenu item, select the corresponding parent item from the ‘Parent Item' drop-down menu. 

The weight setting allows you to adjust where the content node will be located on the menu.  Click on the 'weight' scroll down bar to adjust the numbers. The heavier items will sink and the lighter item will be placed near the top.


If you are satisfied where the new content is located, then press save. 


   menu pic 2                                 



Adding a Menu Item: Alternative

Alternatively, you can add an exisiting content node into a menu using the Navigation Menu page. Click on the ‘Navigation Menu' under ‘My Account' on the administrative menu. Click the name of the website whose menu you would like to modify. A list of all menu items currently in the site's menu will appear.







Click the ‘Add Item' tab on the top of the page.



In the ‘Path' field, enter the url of the page you would like the menu item to link to. If you are linking to another page in Drupal, use a relative url of the form <sitename>/<page title> (e.g. business/about_us). Do not start the url with a forward slash. Do not use the node ID of a page unless it belongs to the site you are working on. If the menu item is linking to a page outside of Drupal, start the url with http://

In the ‘Menu link title' field, enter the name of the menu item.

If you would like this menu item to be a submenu item, select the correct parent item from the ‘Parent Item' drop-down menu. Click ‘Save' to create the menu item.



Change the Order of Menu Items:

Click the 4-arrow icon to the left of the menu item you would like to rearrange and drag to the new desired location in the menu. To make a menu a sub-menu, drag the menu item below the desired parent item and then drag the menu item to the right.



When done, click ‘Save Configuration' at the bottom of the page.



Editing/Deleting Menu Items:

Menu items can be edited or deleted by clicking the 'Edit' or 'Delete' link to the right of the menu item.




Note: Once on the edit page, the Path field will read "node/<nid>" where <nid> is a number. This path will look different from the url originally entered (e.g. business/about). The Path still refers to the page that was originally entered and does not need to be changed (unless you are editing the menu item in order to change the url).