Photo Slideshows

Click ‘Create Content' from the administrative menu then click ‘Photo Slideshow'. Enter a title in the ‘Slideshow Title' field. If you wish to create a page with only a slideshow (and optionally captions), leave the ‘Page Body' field blank. If you would like page content in addition to the slideshow, create the content in the ‘Page Body' field. This content will appear below the slideshow when the page is viewed. Select the site you are creating the slideshow for. Select the type of slideshow you would like to create.




Below are short descriptions of each slideshow type:


Flash captions

Flash Slideshow w/ Captions: A slideshow created in Adobe Flash. It displays photos in a movie-like border and has a thumbnail scroll at the bottom of the display. The title for each photo is displayed as well as any caption added for the photo. The slideshow automatically begins playing when the page is loaded.


Flash Slideshow w/o Captions: Same as flash slideshow w/ captions, except no captions can be added for photos. Two size options are available for this slideshow.

Javascript 0

Javascript Slideshow: A slideshow created using JavaScript. The photos can be viewed by clicking the ‘Next' and ‘Prev' buttons. The slideshow can play automatically by clicking the ‘Play' button. The show does not play automatically when the page is loaded. Captions on each photo are optional. Photo titles are not displayed. A black border appears around the photos.


Rotating Photos: Photos are automatically rotated in the order they were uploaded on the slideshow page. No titles or captions are shown. Users are not able to stop the slideshow or click next or back buttons. The slideshow automatically begins playing when the page is loaded.


Randomly Selected Photo: One of the photos uploaded to the slideshow page is randomly selected each time the page is loaded. The photo does not rotate or change while a user is viewing a page, but will change each time a user visits or refreshes the page.



In the ‘Upload Photos for Slideshow' section, upload the photos you would like in the slideshow. Click the ‘Browse' button, locate a photo on your computer, click ‘Open', then click ‘Attach'.




After the photo has been attached, its information will be shown on the screen. Uncheck the ‘List' box and change the ‘Description' field to the title of the photo. Repeat this process until all photos have been added.



When all photos have been added, click the ‘Next' button on the bottom of the page. The page that appears allows you to choose between various options for the slideshow. These options vary depending on the type of slideshow chosen.

For the Flash w/ Captions and Javascript slideshows, captions can be (but do not have to be) added for each photo. For the Rotating Photos slideshow, the number of seconds each photo is displayed for can be changed. The size of the slideshow can be altered for most slideshow types.

After the options have been chosen, click ‘Save'.


If you are on the second page of the form and wish to return to the first, click the ‘Back' button on the top of the page. DO NOT click the back button from your browser .