Recent Courses

Representative syllabi are available for course titles that appear in blue.

HONR 203 (Honors Seminar in the Social Sciences)

Negotiating Intercultural Relationships (Spring 2014), Meredith Harrigan, Department of Communication

Social Scientific Perspectives on Subjective Well-Being (Spring 2013), Steve Derne, Department of Sociology

Cigarettes and Smoking in American Life (Fall 2011), Mike Oberg, Department of History

HONR 204 (Honors Seminar in the Fine Arts)

Shakespeare on Film (Spring 2014), Melanie Blood, Departments of English & Theater

The Artist in the Third Reich (Fall 2012), Anne-Marie Reynolds, Department of Music

Social Action Theater (Fall 2011), Melanie Blood, Departments of English & Theater

HONR 205 (Honors Seminar in the Sciences)

Touring the Quantum World (Fall 2013), Kurt Fletcher, Department of Physics

Forensic Geology (Spring 2012), Dori Farthing, Department of Geological Sciences

HONR 206 (Honors Seminar)

Humanities and the Experience of Disaster (Spring 2014), Joe Cope, Department of History

Women in Central & Eastern Europe (Fall 2013), Cynthia Klima, Department of Languages & Literatures

The Civil War Historical Novel (Fall 2013), Alice Rutkowski, Department of English

History of Japanese Religion (Fall 2012), Steve Bein, Department of Philosophy

Poetry and Aesthetic Experience (Spring 2012), Rob Doggett, Department of English

Plagues, Epidemics, and the Body Politic (Spring 2012), Tom Greenfield, Department of English

Digital Humanities (Spring 2011), Paul Schacht, Department of English

Money and the Moral Imagination (Fall 2010), Harry Howe, School of Business, Accounting

HONR 207 (Honors Seminar in Diversity, Pluralism, Difference)

The Archaeology of Sex and Sexuality (Spring 2013), James Aimers, Department of Anthropology

The Housing Crisis (Fall 2011), Beth McCoy, Department of English