Integrated Pest Management

SUNY Geneseo implements a fully Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Program for control of pests on its campus. "Pests" can include mice, ants, bees, bats, weeds and even squirrels.

The major emphasis of an IPM Program is to eliminate or minimize to the extent practicable, the occurrences or practices that attract or maintain the pests.

IPM practices that can be implemented by all campus personnel:

  • Keep all food in closed, air tight containers.
  • Place all food related waste in garbage receptacles
  • Rinse soda or juice containers before placing in recycling bins
  • Keep screens in windows
  • Caulk or otherwise fill small openings in pipe chases or other floor or wall openings
  • Do not drive on grass (it kills the grass, but allows the more virulent weeds to thrive)
  • Walk on designated walkways to allow grass and other groundcovers to thrive

The use of chemical pesticides is also an element of the campus IPM program. When chemical pesticides are used, all related activities are conducted in compliance with the Campus Pesticide Use Policy.