Use of Respirators

When engineering controls or product replacement do not completely eliminate a breathing hazard or when required by regulation, campus presonnel may be required to wear a respirator.

Respirators offer protection against inhalation of hazardous vapors or dusts. Respirators come in a variety of styles and types to fit a range of situations.

Prior to using a respirator, occupational health and safety regulations require employees to be fit-tested, have a physical or medical review and become aware of the limitations of the respirator.



This is a respirator, not a dust mask. As with any type of respirator, use of this respirator requires a semiannual fittest, annual physical assessment and program knowledge.

This type of respirator is called an SCBA or "Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus". SCBAs are used by firefighters and other rescue personnel. Use of this type of respirator by campus employees is not expected nor approved.


The Respiratory Protection Program was developed to assist campus employees understand the regulatory requirements associated with respiratory wear.

Portions of the OSHA regulations, needed by those that are involved in the Respiratory Protection Program are linked below:

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