In Case of Emergency

SUNY Geneseo is committed to providing a safe campus environment for students, faculty and staff, and visitors.

How to Report an Emergency

  • Call University Police at x5222 or call 911
  • Remain calm and clearly state, "This is an emergency."
  • Describe the nature of the emergency
  • Give the number from which you're calling
  • Identify the location of the emergency
  • Be prepared to provide as much detail as possible
  • Don't hang up until instructed to do so, unless there is an immediate threat to your health and safety


Learn more about:

Active Shooter

View Run. Hide. Fight.-
Surviving an Active Shooter


Bomb Threats

Evacuation or Shelter-In-Place


Fires or Explosions

Hazardous Materials


Medical Emergencies Or
Serious Injuries

Reporting Crimes

Severe Weather

Suspicious Packages


Utility Disruptions

If you have any questions regarding our emergency procedures,
please contact University Police at 585-245-5651 or