Medical Emergencies or Serious Injuries

When reporting an accident or medical emergency, call 911.  Say, "This is a medical emergency."

In the Event of an Accident Involving Injury or Illness

  1. If life-threatening, seek emergency medical treatment. Do not move the victim unless he/she is in danger.
  2. Stay on the phone until instructed to hang up.
  3. Remain calm
  4. Provide as much information as possible, including:
  • Location of the emergency
  • Nature and cause of the medical emergency/situation
  • Medical observations: is the victim conscious? Breathing? Severely bleeding? Other victims?
  • Phone number from which you are calling
  • Other hazards that may be present


Preventing Accidents

If you spill a liquid or discover a wet floor, please clean it up immediately or contact Facilities Services at 585-245-5662 (weekdays) or 585-245-5656 (nights and weekends) for assistance.
Report all other trip and fall hazards -- holes in sidewalk, loose carpet, etc.-- to Facilities Services