ENCompass - 12/3/2007


Geneseo’s Fed Challenge Team Takes Second Place Nationally

Geneseo’s Fed Challenge team finished second in the Federal Reserve Bank’s College Fed Challenge national competition, losing to Harvard University in the final round. Other participants included Northwestern University, placing third, followed by Christopher Newport University.

“We didn't care that we didn't win, we cared that we beat Northwestern,” said Lee Stone, assistant professor in the School of Business. “Northwestern has taken the first-place title in the last few years.”

The presenters for Geneseo’s Fed Challenge team were Greg Kaleka, Onur Bayraktaroglu, Jonathan Davis, Kale Smimmo and Kevin VanNostrand. The second-place achievement gives the team $10,000 to split among themselves and $5,000 for the business school. The team’s total earnings from the competition were $30,000, of which $15,000 will go to the business school.


Generous Alumna Remembers Geneseo with Planned Gift

As a fourth-grade teacher, Dorothy Trick Geyer ’36 spent her lifetime helping future generations, and even in passing, she continued her wonderful legacy. Geyer, 93, died on July 7 and bequeathed $75,000 to the College. She made her home in Westport, N.Y., where she taught fourth grade for the majority of her teaching career, which spanned more than 40 years.

According to Penelope Conway, executrix of Geyer’s estate, just about everyone in that “sleepy little town” was taught by Geyer at Westport Central School. “It meant a great deal to her all her life to have been well-educated for her endeavors,” Conway wrote in a note dated Nov. 5 that accompanied the $75,000 check.

In conversations with Debbie Hill, assistant vice president for advancement, Conway revealed that Geyer valued her education at Geneseo. “Apparently, Dorothy made it very clear that without her education at Geneseo, she never would have done the work she loved, which was teaching children,” Hill said. “Her foresight to remember her alma mater through planned giving is a wonderful gift to others beginning their life’s journey. Especially during this season, her heartfelt generosity is truly appreciated.”

Originally from Elba, N.Y., Geyer was active on campus and participated in the Clio sorority, Sigma Pi Sigma (honor scholarship society), Cothurnus (dance) and the Literary Club. She also competed in archery, tennis, dancing, basketball and swimming, becoming one of nine students in 1935-36 to earn a “G” for accumulating 10 athletic points.


Successful Test of NY-Alert

Geneseo initiated a successful test of NY-Alert, a state wide effort aimed at improving emergency communications, at 12:01 p.m. on Thursday, Nov. 15. Emergency messages sent out over campus e-mail lists, the Geneseo homepage and WGSU radio, among other modes of communication, reached 99 percent of participants in the program.

“Our goal through the NY-Alert program is to communicate with everyone in a timely manner,” said Sue Chichester, chief information officer and director of computing and information technology. “Our thoughts are to provide many mechanisms to carry the message as a way to increase the probability that everyone will receive the information.”

Students who have yet to sign up for NY-Alert are encouraged to do so by visiting http://knightweb.geneseo.edu. Faculty and staff can sign up by visiting https://www2.sysadm.suny.edu/employeeservices/login/login.cfm.

Questions or concerns can be directed to Chichester at sue@geneseo.edu.


“Swimming Against the Current: A Mermaid’s Story”

Kathryn FitzSimmons ’67 will present “Swimming Against the Current: A Mermaid’s Story” at 4 p.m. on Wednesday, Dec. 5 in the MacVittie College Union ballroom. The event is free and open to the public.

Obese, unhappy and aimless, Kathryn had a life-changing moment in August of 2000 that eventually led her to health and joy - and a dream to swim across (and back) all 11 Finger Lakes. She completed her dream this past summer at the age of 61.

“The presentation will be about Kathryn's life before and after her life-changing moment in 2000,” said Suzanne Sharp, coordinator of student organizations and campus activities. It will be incredibly inspirational and informative about making healthy life decisions.”


Geneseo Dance Ensemble

The Geneseo Dance Ensemble presents “Pivotal Moments,” a concert featuring works by students, faculty and guest artists, at 8 p.m. on Dec. 6-8 and at 2 p.m. on Dec. 9 in the Alice Austin Theatre in Brodie Hall.

“With such a vast array of choreographers, this concert is guaranteed to be an exciting revelation for the audience,” said Whitney Forbes, a junior chemistry major from Marcellus, N.Y. Highlights of the event include “Energy Fusion,” a free-spirited contemporary dance set to music performed by Yo-Yo Ma and the Sulk Road Ensemble and “Poorhouse,” a solo based on the history of the Livingston County Poorhouse.

Tickets for the event are $6. Reserve seating is available by contacting the Brodie box office at (585) 245-5833 or http://bbo.geneseo.edu.

Request for Gloria and Van Quaal Outstanding Quality Service Award Nominations

The Division of Administration and Finance is seeking nominations for the 2007 Gloria and Van Quaal Outstanding Quality Service Award. The annual award, established in 1997 through an endowment with the Geneseo Foundation in honor of the Quaals’ many years of devoted service to the College and Geneseo community, is meant to recognize a classified staff employee from the Administration and Finance Division who has consistently performed at a high level during his or her career, has had a recognizable and meaningful impact at the College and serves as a role model to others. To be considered for the award, nominations and endorsements should be submitted to the Division of Administration and Finance no later than Friday, Dec. 7. Below are links to submit nominations and endorsements.
Nomination: http://go.geneseo.edu/quaalnomination
Endorsement: http://go.geneseo.edu/quaalendorsement

“State of the Union” Returns

The “State of the Union” College Union newsletter – the first since 2001 – is now available for viewing at http://union.geneseo.edu. The publication is designed to keep students, faculty, staff and alumni aware of the direction of and improvements to the MacVittie College Union.

This semester’s issue features articles on upstate escapes, student organizations and campus activities, college union programming internships, the college union concierge desk and the role of a college union student manager.

“It is important to be aware of what is going on here at Geneseo because it allows us to select how we can be active in your community,” said Charles Matthews, director of college union and activities. “Active involvement in the community, especially for students, provides opportunities to use what is learned in the classroom to increase interpersonal skills, gain leadership and management experience, meet others and have fun.”


-The articles in this week’s edition of ENCompass Weekly were written by Joe Mignano, a senior communication major working this semester in the Office of Communications and Publications.


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