Oct. 23, 2013

Emergency test will include new ‘Big Voice’ system

big voice speaker on schrader

A student walks by one of the speakers of the "Big Voice" emergency notification system that is mounted on top of Schrader. The system will be included during an campus NY-Alert emergency communication test scheduled for Oct. 30. /PHOTO BY KRIS DREESSEN

In case of an emergency at Geneseo, everyone needs pertinent information, as soon as possible. That’s the driving force behind the “Big Voice” speaker system that can be heard all over campus. “Big Voice” is the newest addition to the college’s emergency notification procedures and will be activated during an all-campus NY-Alert and emergency communication test, scheduled for Oct. 30 at 2:30 p.m.

The “Big Voice” system will be used during the test along with other methods to notify students, faculty, staff and visitors when personal safety is at risk. Additional notifications will include NY-Alert phone calls and text messages, faxed alerts, website alerts, social media postings and television screen notifications through the college’s closed-circuit system.

“During an emergency, we try to notify everyone on campus by whatever means at our disposal,” said Scott Kenney, assistant chief of police and chair of the Disaster Planning Task Force. “The new 'Big Voice' system has speakers that can be heard in all sections of campus when outside of a building, and we also have internal speakers connected to the system in the Merritt Athletic Center, Mary Jemison Dining Hall and Brodie Hall. It’s designed to reach those who are not able to access a phone or computer during an emergency.”

The college installed and tested the “Big Voice” system last summer and tests it every Wednesday at noon by transmitting a doorbell sound through it. When the scheduled Oct. 30 test is complete, a message will be sent to faculty, staff and students with a short survey to collect feedback.

  •  NY-Alert, the New York State All-Hazards Alert and notification web-based portal, is a voluntary subscription-based service of which Geneseo is a member. You can subscribe to NY-Alert online. Subscribesr should update phone numbers or cellular phone carrier information changes with NY-Alert . Contact the CIT HelpDesk if you have questions at 245-5588.